Tax Growth of 16.3 % Achieved in First Six Months.


The tax collection in first 6 months is 2083 billion which is 16.3% higher than last year, says a Press Release issued by Federal Board of Revenue. It is the highest growth rate since 2015-16 and FBR has made great efforts to attain this growth despite rather subdued economic activity.

The original target of 2367 b was revised to 2197 in view of import compression in first quarter. The trend has continued for the second quarter. This compression of over 5 billion dollars has on one hand improved Current Account situation but on the other hand has adversely effected the usual revenue resources of the government.

An estimated loss of 56 billion of taxes is incurred on every billion dollar of import compression. FBR has redoubled its efforts on domestic side and has managed to shift its tax dependence on import taxes from 56% to a little above 40% this year. With expected upturn of economic activity in last six months and a likely stabilisation of imports, it is expected that FBR is going to collect an unprecedented amount of taxes this year without disrupting and distorting economic activity.


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