There are few serious problems restaurants face and in order to combat pitfalls we need to develop strategies.

  • The Menu:


Menu should have a coherent theme. A good menu has a balancing act. Menu has to be price and easy to choose. Restaurants should offer a smaller number of dishes and presenting them very well. Keep your menu aligned with the USP.


One of the most common problems extensively restaurant owners are facing is the balance act of not having a good menu.  There shouldn’t be too many menu items, it’s hard to choose. Dishes should be priced appropriately. Large Menus take longer to order. If there are more items on your menu, the more ingredients you have to buy.

Focus should be paid on the layout of your menu. Is it easily readable?

Here are some useful tips while making your restaurant menu:

  • Group your most profitable items together.
  • Don’t use dollar signs.
  • Let your menu be a tour guide. This can be accomplished through photos and/or creative text. Consider hiring a copywriter to craft a compelling menu.
  • Keep your menus clean – no grease and no food or water stains. Get rid of worn or torn menus.
  • Update your menu and prices at least once a year.
  • Build your menu around popular items.
  • Make sure your staff is thoroughly trained and has memorized the menu.
  • Don’t forget to put your menu on your website and make sure it is easily accessible from a mobile phone.
  • Travelers using their mobile phones are more likely to visit your restaurant if they can see at a quick glance what you are offering.
  • Customer Service:


First impressions are permanent and important. The key to success is happy customers who want to return again and again.

To ensure the success of your restaurant, your every member of management matters because they are who makes every contact pleasant, reliable and stable.


Your table standings may be outstanding, or may be your food is delicious and your ambiance delightful, but if your service is bad, customers will remember always.

  • Unique Selling Point: 

The reason why should every business have unique selling points. Different selling points make you different from others.

  • What are they?
  • Why do you need one?
  • How to get one?


Show, don’t tell. Restaurants owners need not to use motherhood statement like, ‘Our food is the finest in the town.’ If the food is the finest in the town, it should be.

People are looking for restaurants to eat good meal, prices shouldn’t be the highest, prices should be economical and these tricks bring customers in.

A couple of examples of USPs are:

  • Is it Fast Service?
  • What is that particular thing that you do different? (e.g., a theme can be made on ‘experience of Mishar’?)
  • Are you fulfilling the needs for your target audience?
  • Want to learn more about Restaurant Marketing?
  • Are your dishes priced appropriately?
  • It brings growth to the organization.
  • It puts you on direction.
  • It enables you to define target audience.
  • It make you fit into the marketplace.

Defined USPs keeps you away from assumption/ ideas.

  • Management:

As discussed above that don’t forget one of the most important pieces of the puzzle – management.


  • Does your restaurant want to know how to analyze your business to make sure it runs profitably?

Many small restaurants pay least attention day-to-day to the operation of their restaurant. Keep checking how many customers you are feeding on daily bases. Break it down by mealtime.

Try to find out what are your most profitable menu items?

  • What does it cost to make each menu item?
  • What’s the profit margin?
  • Keep checking of most ordered menu item?
  • If customers aren’t making an order of dishes, take them off your menu. Are you sticking to it?
  • How much does a restaurant spend on their labor as compared to your restaurant sales?
  • Do you have sales goals? Are you meeting them?
  • What is your profit and loss for each week since you are open?

Main attraction of an ideal Restaurant:

Few influential tips:

  • Complementary drinks
  • Seasonal complementary drinks (e.g. if it rains, do give pakoras/ snacks free accompanied with the order)
  • Food ingredients should be made
  • Music playing at the background matters the most
  • Different seasonal themes
  • Cleanliness
  • A sound and constructive relationship between Customer and Manager
  • Extensive Buffet Services
  • Food
  • The themed restaurant
  • Dedication to using seasonal ingredients
  • Specialties on the menu
  • Offering traditional South-Asian cuisine at affordable prices
  • The waitress should present everything in a tapas style
  • Ambiance
  • Lightning
  • Plating
  • Quality
  • Taste
  • Interior of the restaurants, convivial atmosphere which allows patrons to enjoy the best of Pakistani cuisine in a laid back and no frills environment
  • Service
  • Spectacular Lights
  • Brings a touch of class
  • Affordable prices
  • Outdoor
  • Intercontinental cuisine
  • Musical venue
  • The restaurant should offer both indoor and outdoor seating
  • The cuisine should have a combination of desi and continental European styled dishes
  • The location is the major part of the restaurants appeal of course


Ahsan Mahmood

Bahria University, Islamabad.


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