Sardar Masood Khan informs Nigerian delegation of atrocities in IOK


Islamabad,Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has said that both Pakistan and Nigeria enjoy a strong relationship based on trade, bilateral cooperation and mutual interests.

The President made these comments while interacting with a seven-member delegation from the Federal Republic of Nigeria led by the Acting Director General of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies Mr. Jonathan Mela Juma who called on the President here at Jammu and Kashmir House. The delegation also comprised of Mr. Okeke John Chinaka, reporter Authority Newspaper Limited; Mr. Opurum Kingsley, Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Leadership Newspaper; Ms. Sadiyat Inoh Abah, Broadcast Journalist, Africa Independent Television; Mr. Munnir Dan Ali, Chief Executive Officer Media Trust Limited and Ms. Cicilia Umara Gayya, Director General, Administrative Staff College.

Talking on the occasion, the President welcomed the delegation to Pakistan and informed that Pakistan and Nigeria share similar ambitions for economic growth and human development. He said that Pakistan is on the cusp of an economic revolution due to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and growing economic activity. He expressed the hope that both these friendly countries would further improve their relations by reviewing opportunities of mutual interests.

The President on the occasion informed the delegation of AJK and its Government’s priority towards accelerating its efforts for the realization of the right to self-determination of the people of Kashmir; promoting rule of law, justice, transparency, accountability and overall good governance; and its focus on economic and human development, especially towards road infrastructure, industry, agriculture, power generation, education and universal access to health. He also informed that the AJK Government is also working on enhancing health outreach to remote areas by introducing telemedicine/health facilities.

The President informed that AJK is now a formal part of the CPEC project. Currently, he said, two hydropower projects, an Industrial Zone in Mirpur and an expressway connecting Mirpur to the main route of the CPEC project via Mansehra are in different phases of planning and execution.

He said that despite AJK’s small size, it has 5 Universities, 3 Medical Colleges and boasts the highest literacy rate in all of Pakistan. He added that with the lowest crime rate, AJK is the most peaceful region in Pakistan.

President Masood Khan also apprised the delegation of the situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir saying that the people of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan are traumatized as our Kashmiri brothers and sister are living under a brutal reign of terror in the occupied region. He said the Indian Occupation forces are committing unimaginable human rights violations and war crimes in IOK. The Kashmiri people are being killed, illegally incarcerated, womenfolk are being dishonoured and the peaceful protests demanding their right to self-determination are being maimed and blinded by the use of illegal pellet guns, he said.

The President said that the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights has compiled a comprehensive list of human rights violations taking place in IOK. He said that draconian laws like the Armed Forces Special Powers Act and the Public Safety Act have given the Indian occupation forces sweeping powers to kill and illegally imprison innocent Kashmiris, and that too with absolute immunity from any kind of prosecution.

The President said that Pakistan wants to resolve the issue of Kashmir through peaceful and democratic means in the spirit of the UN Security Council’s Resolutions. He said that India, on the other hand, wants to resolve the issue through the use of brute force and state terrorism. “India will never succeed in suppressing the peaceful freedom struggle of the Kashmiri people through the use of force”, he said.

Responding to a question from one of the delegates, President AJK said that the international community must raise their voice in favour of the Kashmir people and ensure that they are allowed to exercise their political will through a free and fair plebiscite. He said that India’s narrative that Kashmir is a bilateral issue between Pakistan and India is based on falsehood, as this matter is an official part of the UN Agenda and any political dispensation excluding the people of Kashmir would be impossible.

The President was informed by Mr. Jonathan that the delegation has also planned to visit AJK and will interact with senior government officials to help further understand the working of the AJK Government. The delegation also conveyed their gratitude for the hospitality received during their visit.

Bond between Pakistan and Kashmir is unbreakable: Sardar Masood

Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, is statement issued here on the eve of “Accession to Pakistan Day” has said that today marks a monumental day on which All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference passed a resolution at the residence of Ghazi-e-Millat Sardar Ibrahim Khan deciding to accede to Pakistan. The Resolution which was presented by Khawaja Ghulam Mohiuddin Wani was passed by 59 representatives from all over Jammu and Kashmir on 19th July 1947.

He said that the accession was impeded by Maharaja Hari Singh’s collusion with the Indian Government and similarly the British rulers of the time were also a party to this conspiracy and gave Gurdaspur to India, further smoothening the path for India to occupy Jammu and Kashmir. After 71 years, the people of Jammu and Kashmir are still paying for this crime with their blood, he said.

The President said that today the people of Jammu and Kashmir are being brutalized, murdered, maimed and illegally incarcerated by the Indian Occupation forces who have been given a free hand under the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act and Public Safety Act.

President Masood Khan said that the State of Jammu and Kashmir is a natural part of Pakistan due to its geographic, cultural and demographic affinity with Pakistan.

“Pakistan is incomplete without Jammu and Kashmir, and Jammu and Kashmir has no identity without Pakistan”, said the President.

He said that even after 71 years of atrocities by Indian occupation forces the freedom struggle of the Kashmiri people has not been quelled. The bond between the people of Kashmir and Pakistan is unbreakable and no force on earth can break this relation.

The President paid rich tribute to the people of Kashmir who have sacrificed their lives for this cause and struggling to exercise their right to self-determination. “We salute the people and the Joint Resistance Leadership for their resolute and steadfast stance in the face of the barbaric Indian forces”, he said.

This artificial line, he said, that has divided Azad Kashmir and IOK will not divide our hearts, as our hearts beat together for a Jammu and Kashmir free of Indian occupation.

He said that today, we renew our pledge towards attaining our right to self-determination and fulfilling the aspirations of our founding fathers.

The President on this occasion demanded India to call back their forces and end their illegal occupation by upholding and respecting the rights of the Kashmiri people. “India must end its reign of terror and let the innocent unarmed Kashmiris to exercise their inalienable right to self-determination.

He said that UN has already published a comprehensive list of the atrocities and human right violations taking place in IOK. He added that there is no rationale left for the UN to be a silent spectator to India’s barbaric rule in IOK. The international community must step forward and hold India accountable for the war crimes it is committing in IOK. He also appealed to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to use his good offices and resolve this issue in an equitable and just manner through a plebiscite in the spirit of the UN SC Resolution and UN Charter.

The President said that the people and government of Pakistan and AJK will continue its political, moral and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri people in attaining their right to self-determination.