The Senate of Pakistan, reflecting the sentiments of the people, strongly condemns the atrocities committed by the Israelis occupation forces against the innocent and defenceless people of Palestine, resulting in 70 children, women and men martyred and hundreds injured.

The Senate rejects the US decision to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, since it is a violation of international law and the United Nations Charter, which has sparked a popular uprising. The Senate condemns the state terrorism of Israel, and reaffirms the support and solidarity of Pakistan to the just cause of Palestine.
We also strongly feel it is no coincidence that Israel in occupied Palestine and India in occupied Kashmir are committing crimes against humanity, killing defenceless civilians and willfully violating UN Resolutions, and both countries are trying to change the demography of occupied Palestine and occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
The Senate of Pakistan salutes the heroism, valour and sacrifices of the people of Palestine who are resisting the repression of the Israeli occupation army through their blood, sweat and tears.
The Senate urges the Government to coordinate with the international community to raise these human rights violations globally with a view to seek a final settlement of both Palestine and Kashmir disputes in accordance with the United Nations resolutions.


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