Raja Farooq Haider Khan refuted the Indian baseless propaganda.


MUZAFFARABAD :Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan on Wednesday refuted the Indian baseless propaganda in which it alleged Pakistan for forcibly sending COVID19 positive patients to AJK and said that it is an attempt to divert the attention from the deteriorating situation in the Occupied Kashmir.

In a statement issued here, he strongly condemned the Indian baseless accusations and said that lowest number of coronavirus positive patients, were recorded in AJK as compare to any other part of Pakistan.

The Prime Minister expressed his profound gratitude to the government of Pakistan for extending all out support and cooperation to the state government to effectively deal with the pandemic.

He said Armed forces are for the protection of the masses in the state while people from both sides of bloody Line of Control (LoC) love Pak Army.

Raja Farooq Haider Khan told that he, during the meeting of national coordination committee, suggested Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan to inform P5 and other friendly countries about the Indian conspiracies, wicked plan and its atrocities on the people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Meanwhile, presiding over a meeting of the ullema, the Prime Minister Farooq Haider told that his government has removed the ban on the presence of more than five worshipers in the mosques in AJK and appealed ullema to decide it by them considering the number of worshipers in the mosques.

He said AJK government would not impose any ban on five time prayers, Friday or taravih prayers. “Precautionary measures must be taken with disinfecting the mosques through sprays”, he added.

The Prime Minister said that all possible measures would be taken to be benefitted from the divine blessings of the holy month of Ramazan.

He announced to close all cases registered against the ullema during the lockdown in the state.

Raja Farooq Haider appealed ullema to educate masses about the precautionary measures against the pandemic.

He appreciated the unity demonstrated by ullema in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak and requested them to continue extending their much needed cooperation in that regard.

Speaking on the occasion, ulema assured the prime minister of their full cooperation in the prevailing situation and said that they would ensure the government’s directives were implemented.

Sahibzada Saleem Chishti, Moulana Mehmood ul Hassan Masoodi, Allama Syed Shabbir Hussain Bukhari, Muhammad Zaman Saifi, Moulana Qari Abdul Malik, Moulana Syed Nazir Gillani, Moulana Abdul Rauf Nizami, Qazi Muhammad Ibrahim Chishti, Moulana Imran Shairazi, Moulana Syed Riaz Kazmi, Moulana Tahir Hameed Barkati, Moulana Mehmood ul Hassan Ashraf, Moulana Syed Adnan, Moulana Ateeq Danish, Danyal Shahab, Moulana Ishtiaq Ziyai, Allama Fareed Abbas, Allama Hussain Kazmi, Moulana Hafiz Nazir Ahmed Qadri, Qazi Manzoor ul Hassan, Moulana Muhammad Perviaz Qureshi and others attended the meeting.-END


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