PIA is starting direct Hajj flights from Quetta ,for the first time :Ghulam Sarwar Khan


ISLAMABAD: It is appreciable that this year PIA is starting direct Hajj flights from Quetta.This is happening for the first time :Federal Minister for Aviation,Ghulam Sarwar Khan said this whe he was briefed about upcoming Hajj Operation on Monday.He was briefed that Pre Hajj flights are starting from 4th July to 5th August,2019.While Post Hajj flights will be starting from 17th August to 14th September,2019.PIA has planned 294 flights in total for Hajj operations ,out of which 201 flights are of B-777 and for 94 flights,A 320 will be used.86 flights will be for Madina and 208 flights will be used for Jeddah.PIA service will be used by 78,258 Hujjaj.From Islamabad 46 flights will be used by 13,171 Hujjaj.From Karachi, 62 fligths will be used by 19,745 Hujjaj.From Lahore 51 fligths will be used by 15,562 Hujjaj.From Peshawar 29 fligths will be used by 10,446 Hujjaj.From Sukkhar 12 fligths will be used by 4,358 Hujjaj.From Multan 21 fligths will be used by 5,077 Hujjaj.From Faislabad,17 flights will be used by 1,549 Hujjaj.While from Quetta 56 fligths will be used by 8,350 Hujjaj.Even special feeder flights are planned from Sukkar and Rahim Yar Khan to Karachi.

PIA has planned special meals and give away items for pilgrims.10% discount on base fare extended o welfare staff.Even there is waiver on change of booking charges to welfare staff and patients.Free Baggage Allowance of 35 kg (in two pieces) is allowed to every Haji.Additional 5 litre Zam Zam bottle will be allowed in post Hajj.On A-320 operated stations i.e. Quetta,Faislabad,Sukkar and R.Y.Khan ,Zam Zam bottles will be transported during pre-Hajj.PIA will also post scouts and Pakistan based staf in KSA for smooth Hajj operation and pilgrims assistance.

Inaugral flight will start on 5th July,2019 from Islamabad,Lahore,Sukkar,Karachi and Peshawar.Multan will have flight on 6th July.Quetta will hav inaugral fight on 7th July.Faislabad will have inaugral flight on 8th July.On 10th July,Sukkar will have inaugral flight.The last inaugral flight will be from R.Y.Khan on 27th July.

Federal Minister appreciated the counters established by Saudi Immigration Team at Islamabad Airport, under Road to Makkah project.The Saudi team also brought with them the immigration system in a special plane, which will be installed in the departure lounge of Islamabad Airport.Federal Minister added for this a special lounge is assigned to Saudi team at Islamabad Airport.