Pakistan principal partner in peace and development of war-torn Afghanistan, says Shehryar Afridi


Afridi inaugurates 100-bed Hospital in Logar gifted by Pakistan .

Afghan health minister says Afghans indebted to Pakistan for continued assistance in peace, development

LOGAR, Afghanistan. Minister for SAFRON & Narcotics Control Shehryar Afridi has said that Pakistan is a principal partner of Afghanistan in its struggle for peace and development and the 100-bed Hospital donated by Pakistan for Afghan people is major evidence of the fact. 

Addressing the inauguration of Nayeb Aminullah Khan Hospital here in Afghan city of Logar, Shehryar Afridi said that he had been specially directed by Prime Minister Imran Khan to convey his special message of brotherhood and solidarity to peoples of Afghanistan and tell them how Pakistan cared about them. 

“This hospital, the third biggest in across Afghanistan, is a small gift from people and government of Pakistan for our Afghan brethren. We are supporting your wellbeing and would keep doing so in future too,” the minister said.

Addressing a gathering of notables and tribal leaders gathered on the occasion, Afridi said that Pakistan was supporting peace dialogue in Afghanistan which would go a long way in bringing peace and development to the war torn country.

Afghan Minister for Public Health Dr Ferozuddin Feroz, Governor Logar Haji Niaz Muhammad Hamidi, Ambassador of Pakistan Mr Zahid Nasrullah Khan and others were also present on the occasion.

Shehryar Afridi said that Prime Minister Imran Khan on his historic trip to the US had informed the US President on his personal efforts to help advance peace talks between Afghan Taliban and Afghan government. 

“PM Khan is working days in and days out to help further peace talks. A good news would be shared soon,” added the minister.

Afridi said that Pakistan had added a new chapter in history by hosting four million Afghan refugees for over forty years and Pakistan was observing 40 years of hospitality this year.

He said the message from Pakistan is simple – Pakistan and Afghanistan are one body one soul and times have proved the fact that Pakistan has always been there when Afghanistan needed any help and assistance.

He said peace in Afghanistan is essential for peace of Pakistan.

“We hosted Afghan brethren following the Islamic tradition set by tradition of Ansar e Madinah who generously hosted Mohajireen of Makkah. We have integrated Afghans with our society and shared our bread and butter with our Afghan brethren,” he added. 

Addressing the audience on the occasion, Afghan Minister for Public Health Dr Ferozuddin Feroz said that the government and people of Afghanistan were indebted to Pakistan and it’s people for the goodwill gesture. 

He said Nayeb Aminullah Khan Hospital is the 3rd largest hospital in Afghanistan gifted by people of Pakistan to people of Afghanistan.

“This is a 100 bed hospital, this would work as a centre point to vicinity areas. We are indebted for this generous gift,” added Minister for Health Afghanistan, saying 

It was a wonderful gesture of goodwill from people of Pakistan. 

He aid Afghan government was looking towards further collaboration with Prime Minister Imran Khan. 

Governor Logar Province and Sarwar Ahmedzai, Chief Advisor to Afghan President on National Security Council welcomed Shehryar Afridi and expressed gratitude to the government and people of Pakistan for their continued support to Afghanistan at all levels. 


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