Ordinance to be Promulgated to Prescribe the Right of Parents to Evict Children and to Protect Rights of Parents Living with Children. Farogh


Islamabad: Dr. Barrister Muhammad Farogh Naseem, the Federal Law Minister on November 28, 2020, discussed a proposal with Prime Minister Imran Khan, to promulgate an Ordinance to prescribe the right of parents to evict the children and their spouses and protect rights of the parents, living with their children. He told him that while the federal government was doing all that it could for the weaker segments of the society, an Ordinance may be promulgated which should focus on 3 things. Firstly, it should restrain children from evicting their parents from their homes if such houses are owned by the children. Secondly, if the houses are owned by the parents, the parents should have the right to evict the children and their spouses through simple procedures i.e. within 10 days through police/district management intervention. Thirdly, if the houses were constructed with the funds of the parents or grand parents, but were in the names of the children, some remedy was to be provided to the parents till such time they were alive.

While presenting this proposal Dr. Farogh Naseem also told the Prime Minister that if such an Ordinance were promulgated it would earn the Prime Minister, Law Minister, the entire cabinet and also the President the prayers of all the parents of Pakistan.Within a matter of seconds the Prime Minister approved the proposal and verily called upon the Law Minister to urgently draft the Ordinance.


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