National Highways and Motorway Police has organized a ceremony “Successful Completion of Recent Initiatives” at Drivers Licensing Authority Islamabad.


Islamabad, The Federal Minister for Communications Murad Saeed honored the ceremony as chief guest. The Ceremony was attended by the Inspector General, National Highways & Motorway Police, Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam, Additional IG,s DIG,s SSP,s and other senior officers of National Highways & Motorway Police. The Federal Minister for Communications Murad Saeed and Inspector General Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam pinned the badges to promoted Officers.

The Federal Minister for Communications Murad Saeed appreciated the efforts of National Highways and Motorway Police and congratulated the newly promoted officers. The Minister for Communications Murad Saeed said “Motorway police is a symbol of pride for the whole nation.” Motorway police is giving better result even with limited resources. He added that I congratulate Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam Inspector General NHMP and his entire team for doing a great job. He further added that our priority is to build the neglected Motorways and Highways first. The western route to Gawadar will be completed soon. Recruitment and all work in NHMP department is based on merit, other institutions should also work on merit. There is no doubt that NHMP is the best institution in Pakistan and the employees of this organization have made their place in the hearts of people by Promoting safety on Motorways and Highways through effective enforcement and provision of assistance to road users by applying highest standards of courtesy, integrity and professionalism.

While addressing the occasion, IG, NHMP Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam said the department needs to be furnished with the necessary resources for smooth functioning of operations. However, NHMP trying his level best to perform better even shortage of resources. Motorway Police was established in 1997 for 365 Kms Motorway (M-2) Lahore to Islamabad. Presently NHMP covers 4,312 kms of federal roads network, whereas it is expected to expand to 4,722 kms in the near future. We will cover total area 9,034 approximately.

IG NHMP highlighted the achieving during last two years that total 1.608 million commuters under distress were provided prompt assistance by NHMP and 20.554 million tickets were issued to violators under different violation codes, 13.39 million persons were briefed by NHMP, 5.774 million road safety pamphlets were distributed during difference road safety activities and NHMP has dedicatedly assisted in recovery of 193 children.

He further highlighted recent initiatives including Toll free helpline 130, huge increase in traffic count due to construction of new Highways/Motorways had choked the Helpline-130 system, and total 2.005 million commuters have been provided services through HelpLine-130 during 2018 to 2020. Upgrading of HelpLine-130 has been completed. Average daily calls: 2818 approximately.Average calls per month 85723. As an interim setup the workstations have been increased from 15 to 26 in a shift and the call waiting time for the commuters has also been considerably reduced. Queue for the emergency calls has been prioritized.
The book titled “Job Description of NHMP officers and staff” presented to Minister for communications. Fleet Management Policy, New approved Medical Policy for NHMP has recently been notified wherein the processing of medical bills has been made easy and some new hospitals can now be used (other than DHQ). This would enable NHMP personnel to get best medical treatment / facilities from Armed Hospitals (CMH).

Ten Inspectors have been promoted to the rank of DSP/CPO. Eight candidates (heirs of deceased employees) have recently been appointed through Prime Minister’s Assistance Package for deceased employees. 39 officials have been promoted from C/JPO to HC/APO. First ever 28 employees from BS-1 to BS-6 have been promoted as LDC. Newly appointed officials from BS-01 to BS-05 are also included in recent initiatives. NHMP is planning to enhance the capacity of NHMP Training College, Sheikhupura. 6 Kanals of land is being acquired in front on west side for Obstacle course and physical activities. 13.340 acres of land is being acquired on the back side of college for construction of additional hostels, trainees’ driving school, firing range and staff accommodations. NHMP Training College has existing training capacity to accommodate 400 trainees which will be enhanced to 1000 trainees due to enhanced jurisdiction of NHMP. At the end of ceremony IG NHMP presented a souvenir to the Minister for Communications Murad Saeed.


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