NADRA is the custodian of the world’s largest singular citizen database with citizen data of approximately 119.26 million Pakistanis (67.04 million males and 55.20 million females).


National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is the custodian of the world’s largest singular citizen database, with citizen data of approximately 119.26 million Pakistanis (67.04 million males and 55.20 million females).

In the week of May 6 to May 12, NADRA has processed and registered approximately 277,000 registrants into its database, out of which almost 37 000 received their identity document free of cost. Most identity category types such as Computerized or Smart National Identity Cards (CNIC/SNIC), Family and Child Registration and Pakistan Origin Card (POC), saw a significant increase in the number of applications processed in comparison to the same period of the previous year. For example, a push for the newer and secure Smart ID Card led to an increase of over half a million applicants in 2018. Similarly, Mobile Registration Vans (MRVs) deployed in both urban and rural areas registered over one million citizens, with a significant increase in registration of females and differently abled persons.

NADRA has also taken substantial strides in improving its service delivery, with primary focus on operational enhancements in the field. Whilst establishing an online web-based online application system known as Pak-Identity that has enabled 317,307 applicants to process their ID cards from the comfort of their homes and offices. Additionally, NADRA has resolved 100% of complaints received through the Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU) also known by the name of Pakistan Citizens Portal. Moreover, in the week of May 6 to May 12 2019, NADRA cleared more than 500 cases that were either blocked or under verification, providing relief to those affected after due processing.

The establishment of 8 (24-hour) mega centers in all major metropoles across the country has turned out to be a catalyst to change and provided the general public to access the state-of-the-art facilities of NADRA round the clock.

NADRA also augmented its existing infrastructure and has successfully converted over 300 NADRA Registration Centers (NRCs) to One Window Operation in order to expedite processing times and reduce queues for the ease of citizens.

Moreover, a special attention was given to major issues being faced by the general public i.e denial of service, long waiting-time & queues, long processing time and lack of allied facilities at NRCs, the incumbent chairman took holistic measures to transform NRCs to next-generation infrastructure and operations especially in southern Punjab, interior Sindh and Karachi. Due to certain measures, the processing in respective region has increased manifold from 5,000 token per day to maximum 17,000 token per day.

The Authority is also undertaking large scale IT- related projects both nationally and internationally to add to its already extensive IT portfolio.

On the international stage, NADRA has established its foothold by deploying its IT solutions to many governments in various countries. The most recent endeavour was in Fiji, where NADRA has developed an Election Management System for the Fijian government. Additionally, NADRA has is carrying out important projects in African continent, having previously provided an e-Passport solution to Kenya that was inaugurated by the Kenyan President, and now moving toward Phase-ii of the project which is worth an estimated 1.8 million dollars. The Civil registration system in Sudan and most recently a National Identification System for the Government of Somalia have also been developed by NADRA. More projects are also in the pipeline, as Nigerian Government wishes to upgrade its National ID Card system, which could be worth up to half a million dollars and additionally, both Sierra Leone and Cameroon have expressed desire to introduce an online Visa system, which NADRA has already developed and deployed locally. Due to the competitive bidding processes of international tenders, NADRA international project portfolio not only exemplifies industry expertise in the IT field that is internationally recognized but has also contributed to more than 3.5 million dollars of business revenue.

On a national scale, NADRA has been spearheading the project for the Computerization of arms licenses for Federal, Punjab and Sindh arms licenses which has led to a more secure and transparent mechanism for issuance of licenses across the country. Moreover, NADRA has also been active in war-stricken areas such as the former FATA, where millions of persons were displaced and required financial assistance. Cash disbursement systems were set up by NADRA for livelihood support and child wellness in partnership with the World Bank. At the Union Council level, NADRA established 669 new Civil Registration and Management System (CRMS) sites (total of 7893 sites) for the computerization of birth, death, marriage and divorce records.
Under the direction and guidance of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Additionally, the authority has also rolled out Vehicle Registration Smart Cards for the Excise and Taxation Department of ICT, for which 2,595 applications have been received, NADRA has also played a significant role in ensuring that the democratic right to vote is protected and extended to all citizens, even those residing overseas. During the by-polls for the Pakistan General Elections of 2018, an Internet Voting System was developed by NADRA to allow for many expatriate Pakistanis living abroad to cast their vote online. Approximately 7.500 eligible voters were registered and were able to successfully cast their vote online for their respective constituencies.

The Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is another large-scale project which aims to improve the lives of many, as 5 million citizens will be granted affordable housing by the Government of Pakistan. In just a matter of months, NADRA successfully completed the pilot phase and digitized around 500,000 housing forms of prospective applicants. The Housing Scheme will soon be extended to the entire country during the next phase. Similarly, as Pakistan aims to open up its borders to the world, NADRA has also developed a Pakistan Online Visa System that will issue visas to potential travellers to Pakistan with a simple click of a button. All visa category types are offered on this system to citizens of over 175 countries across the world. 2,249 Visa applications have been received so far from travellers across the globe.


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