Mushaal Hussein Mullick Demands UN to Black List RSS Saffron Terror Outfit .


ISLAMABAD: Mushaal Hussein Mullick, the Chairperson Peace and Culture Organization, eulogized Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran for vehemently presenting the case of the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) on international forum to expose human rights violations by Indian forces in the disputed region.

In a statement on Saturday, Mushaal, the wife of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman Yasin Malik, said that both the leaders spoke on the issue of Kashmir loud and clear at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and fully exposed the Indian nefarious designs especially after the abrogation of the article 370 and 35-A.

She said that they once again exposed India before the world being the worst violators of the UNSC resolution.

“Both Erdogan and Imran Khan exposed the current regime ruling in India inspired by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ideology as Prime Minister Narendra Modi being the diehard supporter of the saffron terror outfit,” she added.
Commenting on Turkish President’s speech, Mushaal said that the people of Kashmir have no words to express their heartfelt thanks for his unflinching and unwavering support for the just cause of Kashmir.

She noted that his words at the session of the UNGA have become source of inspiration and given hope to millions of hopeless people of the region.
The Chairperson said that his speech was a true reflection of the aspirations of Kashmiri people, who reminded the international community that the Kashmir dispute was still a “burning issue”, while the unilateral steps taken by India on August 5 last year further complicated the problem.
Hailing Pakistani Premier’s speech, she said that Imran Khan spoke from the heart for Kashmiris at the highest global forum and warned India that Pakistan would fight for the freedom of Kashmir till the end.

Now it is the responsibility of the world community to come forward and settle the Kashmir dispute as per the wishes of Kashmiris, as India fascist government has been exposed globally, she added.

Speaking about the RSS terror outfit, she demanded that the UN must black list this saffron terror organization and declare it a terrorist outfit.
The Chairperson further appealed that the world bodies should imposed defense and economic sanctions against India for committing genocide, war crimes and doing ethnic cleansing of unarmed and defenseless nation whose sole crime is to advocate and fight for their unalienable and birth right of right to self-determination.

She demanded UN to carry out a population census after Indian authorities changed demography of the IOK by illegally settling hundreds and thousands of Indian in the disputed territory.


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