MoU was signed between Aviation Authorities of the UK and Pakistan.


Islamabad :MoU was signed between Aviation Authorities of the UK and Pakistan on Monday.From Pakistani side Federal Secretary for Aviation,Hassan Nasir Jamy and from the UK side Acting British High Commissioner,Richard Crowder signed the MoU.Federal Minister for Aviation,Ghulam Sarwar Khan,also graced the occasion.The purpose of MoU was to help aviation authority of the UK during transition phase of coming out of European Union. The UK authority explained that whilst the UK remains a Member State of the EU, and for the duration of the proposed transition or implementation period, it would continue to remain bound by EU law.

Both authorities noted that the draft Agreement between the United Kingdom and Pakistan concerning draft Air Services Agreement (ASA), signed in Manchester on 25 February 2008, contains various provisions relating to the UK’s membership of the EU. Both authorities decided to review and potentially amend the draft ASA after UK’s departure from the EU are known.Pending any such amendment, Pakistan confirmed, that once the UK was no longer a member of the EU, UK would authorise any airline and Pakistani side would not revoke,suspend or limit any existing authorisation given to such an airline.