Modi does not want dialogue, nor does he want any mediator… Pakistan is going to stand firm on Kashmir stance” says Ijaz Shah .


“Modi does not want dialogue, nor does he want any mediator… Pakistan is going to stand firm on Kashmir stance” says Ijaz Shah in a meeting with German Ambassador Bernhard Schlagheck earlier today in the Ministry of Interior, Islamabad.

-“We are very much content with the security provided and facilitation at diplomatic enclave” German Ambassador.

-The bilateral relations and opportunities have certainly improved between the two countries. Ijaz Shah

The German Ambassador, H.E. Bernhard Schlagheck met the Federal Minister for Interior, Brig (R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah in the Ministry of Interior. He expressed his gratitude for providing improved security facilities in Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad. “We are very thankful to you, things have improved a lot after your arrival” he added. He appreciated the role of law enforcement agencies in ensuring the overall stability in region and for international community. He hinted towards the initiation of developmental projects in Pakistan.

The German Ambassador discussed the Internal Security matters with the Minister. The Minister said that we are trying our best to make our capital Islamabad and whole country, ideal places to live in. “We are trying our level best to maintain peace across the country” Ijaz Shah said.
While responding to a question asked relating to Kashmir he said that Pakistan has taken the diplomatic and peaceful road for the matter so far. However, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not want dialogue nor does he want mediation. He added. The brutal face of India has been exposed to the world, especially after our Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech in United Nations General Assembly session.
Now the entire globe knows the inhumane reality of our neighbors. He added.
Ijaz Shah continued by saying that “We have asked the world and especially the UN to play its role in solving the Kashmir Issue and we have repeatedly emphasized over the point that letting go this matter is not an option. We will stand with our Kashmiri brothers till they are given their basic right to self determination. Today, 30th September 2019, marks the 57th day of forecful silence in Kashmir, where is the world headed towards?”

Mr. Bernhard agreed with Shah’s concern and said that we hope that a peaceful solution for the people of Kashmir and this region is mutually reached upon.

The meeting concluded with the hope of further cooperation on bilateral lines and goodwill.


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