The Navy Day is reminiscent of a glorious chapter in our nation’s history when unmatched courage and unwavering commitment of men in whites quashed the pipe dreams and misplaced ambitions of our adversary. Pakistan Navy through a bold and daring Operation Somnath attacked Indian Radar Station at Dwarka; and right at the onset of the war gained psychological ascendancy and subsequently a single prowling submarine, PNS/M GHAZI maintained unchallenged superiority at sea throughout the war. This effectively led to the might of the Indian Fleet including their Aircraft Carrier being confined inside the harbours.

Pakistan Navy commemorates this day to pay tributes to our Ghazis and War Heroes whose sacrifices and gallant acts instill in us a renewed spirit and unabating resolve. While fondly remembering the daring acts of our officers and men who humbled and frustrated the adversary, this day calls for rekindling the spirit of sacrifice and selfless devotion to the country.

Today Pakistan is facing myriad of security challenges on internal and external fronts. On internal front, certain anti Pakistan players seek to disturb peace and harmony in our country. Armed Forces of Pakistan are at the forefront of the national resolve of eradicating such elements from the country. Pakistan Navy is also playing its due role as part of ‘Operation Radd-ul-Fassad’ in collaboration with Pakistan Army, PAF and other Law Enforcement Agencies.

Prevalent international environment continues to be dynamic and in a state of flux.Pakistan Navy, through its initiatives and diverse engagements with regional and extra regional navies has emerged as a key player in the region’s collaborative maritime security paradigm. In order to pursue national interests with strategic autonomy, Pakistan Navy has instituted Regional Maritime Security Patrols in the IOR, in line with UN Resolutions and UN Charter on Law of the Seas (UNCLOS) with an aim to maintain a robust security posture in critical maritime areas and choke points of the IOR.

Our geo-strategic location, at the cross-road of world energy routes offers us a unique opportunity to achieve socio-economic affluence by initiating economic activities in the maritime domain. To take full benefits of our maritime potential, we have to overcome sea blindness and diversify our national economy by exploiting the Blue Economy. Pakistan Navy is fully cognizant of security challenges associated with the CPEC and Gwadar Port and its seaward approaches; and stands vigilant to safeguard against any conventional or asymmetric threat.  We have strengthened maritime and coastal security through various initiatives including raising of a dedicated Task Force – 88 as well as Coastal Security & Harbour Defence Force. Plans for induction of modern surface combatants, state of the art submarines & aircraft and quite a few indigenously developed weapon systems, is reflection of our commitment to maintain a balanced Navy in order to defend our maritime frontiers.

8th September 1965 will remain a golden chapter in our naval history and continue to inspire our new generation of officers and sailors to be bold and innovative in our professional pursuits.  We stand committed to keep the spirit of 8th September 1965 alive and pledge to defend our sea frontiers with unflinching resolve, devotion and commitment.

May Allah (SWT) be our Protector and Guide.