Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mehmood Khan has directed against corruption, discouraging all types of commissions, strengthening the public sector institutions, improving their capacity for efficient delivery.
He was addressing a Cabinet meeting on the hundred days plan of the PTI government in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Provincial Ministers, Chief Secretary and Administrative Secretaries attended the meeting. The Cabinet was briefed about the initial hundred days plan for improving the quality of services, introducing new initiatives and quick dispensation of justice, improving local government system, extension of different departments to the newly seven merged districts of erstwhile FATA and further strengthening of policing in the province.
Addressing the Cabinet meeting, the Chief Minister said that the merger of seven districts of the erstwhile FATA had brought along new challenges such as infrastructure development, efficient services and extension of existing institutions to the newly merged districts of the erstwhile FATA and more importantly mainstreaming these new districts and provision of basic facilities to the people of these areas.
He said our efforts will be directed to totally reforming police and access to justice, quick disposal of cases and amendments in the relevant laws needed to be revisited to bring out the helpless justice seekers from the agonizing State. This would be supported by further strengthening the dispute resolution councils. The Chief Minister will head a committee to bring about necessary amendments in the relevant law. Inspector General of Police and Secretary Home will be the members of the committee. There will be a task force to work on the civil service reforms as well.
Mehmood Khan said that merger of new districts of erstwhile FATA should be seen as the stability of the federation. A task force at the federal level for mainstreaming the newly seven merged district of erstwhile FATA was already working. The new districts would need the infrastructural developmental, education and health services and more importantly a comprehensive developmental plan including the extension of different provincial departments to these areas. The merger is a sticky game needing comprehensive short term, mid-term and long term planning. Implantation on this plan would need resources to tackle all the challenges arising out of the merger. He said we are already working on the merger to mainstream the newly seven merged districts and planning to extend the Sehat Insaf Card to all the deserving living under the poverty lines. The already available data would be revisited to target the needy and poor. He directed the Minister health to have a meeting with the Secretary health and elected representatives for the continuity of Sehat Insaf Card model, entering the deserving poor left out in the data and exclude the non-deserving. He directed to expedite the provision of Sehat Insaf Card to those deserving and poor who did not get it yet. Expansion of Sehat Insaf Card will follow he added. He said the Local Government System will be further strengthened to focus on the resolution of people problems and make efficient delivery at local level.
Regarding the economic growth strategy the Chief Minister directed to focus on technical and professional training of youth for jobs creation. Tourism, Agriculture productivity, industrialization, investment and self employment promotion through youth entrepreneurship would be the priority areas that would not only bring along development, job creation, overall improving in the living standard of the people but would have an overall positive impact on the provincial economy.
He said that this province has a lot of potential to be developed on tourism lines. He directed for a comprehensive strategy integrating the whole tourism related activities that would become an incubator for resource generation and that would stand the province on its own feet. The Chief Minister will head a committee of all relevant departments to remove all the hindrances and irritants in the promotion of tourism adding that all tourism related activities would be environmental friendly. He hoped that tourism will be promoted as the mainstay of provincial economy. He said he would personally monitor investment and business promotional activities including the provision of one window operation to the investors. The capacity of institutions would be improved and the share of the Province in the CPEC related projects would be secured for the province. The provincial anti-corruption department would be improved even at divisional and districts levels as well in order to ensure corruption free Pakistan.
The Chief Minister directed the Minister and Secretaries to take steps for elimination of corruption in their respective departments. He also directed for expeditious completion of Rapid Bus Transit project Peshawar and Swat Motorway.
Regarding the mega projects the Chief Minister said that each area has its own dynamics therefore mega projects in those areas would be planned and put on ground in the light of the ground realities. All departments should plan their hundred days initial plan along-with the five years comprehensive planning adding that the required fiscal space would be created for the uniform development policy in the Province. He stressed on agriculture sector development linking livestock and connecting formers to the financial institutions for easy loaning. He also directed for the progress on Chashma lift Irrigation schemes taking it up with the planning commission for early approval and subsequent implementation. The Cabinet was briefed that the Chinese company has taken interest in this project. He also directed for water conservation, health and education sectors development, women empowerment and clean water for all. A blue print of hundred days should immediately be prepared. He also directed to plan green growth KP to overcome the environment degradation. He said that he would review all these decisions fortnightly, he would promote collective decision making for the benefit of the people adding that PTI came back to power on the basis of its efficient delivery during its previous tenure. He hoped that all departments would work on this agenda for real change round the clock.


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