BRADFORD/LEEDS; Sardar Masood Khan, President AJK, has welcomed the statement of a bipartisan group of the US Senate which calls upon President Donald Trump to take immediate action to help facilitate an end to the deepening humanitarian crisis in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing various gathering in Leeds and Bradford he said four senators – Chris van Hollen (Democrat), Lindsay Graham (Republican), Todd Young (Republican) and Ben Cardin (Democrat) have, in a letter to President Trump, have expressed deep concern about (a) Indian Government’s revocation on Article 370, (b) deployment of thousands of troops in the disputed region, (c) imposition of curfew and (d) the imposition of a communication blockade.

President Masood Khan has endorsed the four recommendations of the senators, namely, help end the current humanitarian crisis in IOK, lift curfews, restore telecommunications and Internet services and release thousands of refugees.

The President said that the appeal is timely and reflects the grave and deteriorating human rights and humanitarian situation in Jammu and Kashmir. “The international community must act now before it is too late”, the President said.

Sardar Masood Khan has said that all peace-loving nations of the world would have to resist Indian fascism and terrorism. “It would be a grave mistake to consider Hindu fanaticism merely being a move against the Muslims of Kashmir, India and Pakistan, because the target of Indian rulers and Hindu fanatic outfits is to deprive all human beings except the followers of Hinduism, of their right to live,” he added.

Touching upon the latest situation of Jammu and Kashmir, the AJK President said that the Indian aggressor army, after a new offensive on August 5, had deprived the Kashmiri nation of their rights and entity and has turned the whole occupied territory into an Indian colony. “Taking advantage of one a half month’s curfew and media blackout, the Indian occupation troops are engaged in the genocide of whole Kashmiri nation,” he said adding that paucity of food items and life-saving drugs caused by the constant curfew was leading towards a major humanitarian disaster.

He said that in view of the conditions currently prevailing in occupied Kashmir, it is incumbent upon the UK MPs to write letters to the UN Secretary General, members of the UN Security Council, President of the General Assembly, and heads of Human Rights Council and Human Rights Commission, and urge them to open a humanitarian corridor for the besieged people of occupied Kashmir, and urge them to oppose India’s action of August 5.

The AJK president prevailed upon the audience to gear up their efforts to save Kashmir and its people, block India’s fascism and Hindutva, prevent India’s attempts of imposing war on Pakistan, and ensure grant of the right of self-determination of the Kashmiri people. “The Kashmiri and Pakistan community should fully realize the dangers and challenges from India,” he said adding that India by its threats of using nuclear weapons was creating war hysteria and aggression in the region.

During a meeting with MPs and Councillors from Leeds organized by Councillor Asghar Khan, Councillor Javed Akhtar and Councillor Mohammed Shezad, the President said that that the British MPs have continued to raise the issue in Kashmir and have also initiated debates on the dispute in the British House of Commons and House of Lords. He said that Kashmiris have been reassured of your support through your parliamentary debates and also the report published last year by a multi-partisan British Parliamentary APPKG.

He urged the lawmakers to propose imposing of sanctions against India and also contemplate on a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against India. He appealed to them to call on the British government to convince the UN and international humanitarian organisations to establish a humanitarian corridor for Kashmir.

The event was attended by Hillary Benn MP, Fabian Hamilton MP Shadow Foreign Minister for Middle East and Alex Sobel MP and Shadow Justice Minister Barrister Imran Hussain MP.

Earlier in the day, President Masood Khan also met leading lawyers belonging to Bradford during which views were exchanged over the Kashmir issue. During the interaction, the AJK President explained the various legal aspects of the Kashmir dispute and the implications of revocation of Articles 370 and 35-A. He said that Article 370 was a Faustian pact between Sheikh Abdullah and Nehru and the revocation of this Article along with 35-A have exposed the malicious intentions of the Indian government’s in colonising IOK.

The President said that India is now actively changing the demography of the occupied territory, Demographic change of any sort, he said, was a direct violation of Articles 27 and 4 of the Fourth Geneva Convention and its Additional Protocols, ICC statues and several UN Security Council resolutions. He said these transformations are illicit and constitute war crimes.

Later the President also addressed an event at Bradford Whetley Mills organised by Kashmir Solidarity Campaign led by Former MEP Amjad Bashir. MPs, councillors and community members attended the event.

The AJK President said that during the time when the European Parliament was very cautious of its statements on Kashmir; MEP Amjad Bashir continues to make efforts for raising the issue of Kashmir. His efforts, he said, have brought fruition as the European Parliament is actively convening hearings on Kashmir and now will formally discuss the Kashmir issue in its Strasbourg plenary sessions.

The President said that Indian is committing genocide in Kashmiris and has besieged the whole of IOK. He urged his audience to urge their respective lawmakers to bring about motions and resolutions on Kashmir during party conferences.


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