Masood calls for world help to resolve Kashmir conflict.


MUZAFFARABAD: Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President, Sardar Masood Khan on Monday said that India- Pakistan tension started after Pulwama attack has subsided but crisis over Kashmir remain continuing threat to the peace and stability in South Asia.

“Tensions between Pakistan and India may have dropped- for now, but the root causes of the violence have not,” President Khan said in an interview with a foreign television channel.

The main cause of over half a century of confrontation between the two countries is the unsettled status of Kashmir. There can be no peace and stability until and unless this cause of tension is addressed, AJK President emphasized.

Calling upon the world community to recognize the centrality of the Kashmir issue to the peace in the region, AJK President said that international community can help resolve this issue through mediation or facilitating dialogues process between the two countries.

The stakes are high. If two countries (India-Pakistan) don’t resolve their differences, it could end in nuclear war. And that would mean disaster not just for the people of India and Pakistan, but for the entire region, he warned.

The AJK President said India should refrain from any misadventure as it can push the entire region towards war. He said India should realize that it cannot suppress Kashmiris’ voice through oppression, which it has been committing for the last 70 years. He said India will also burn into ashes if it initiates the fire of war.

Condemning the aggressive designs of Indian leaders and there threatening statements against Pakistan, President Masood Khan urged the Indian leadership to shun its aggressive designs against Pakistan.

He made it clear that war could not solve problems and that the Kashmir issue should be resolved in accordance with the United Nations Security Council resolutions, in a peaceful manner and keeping in view the wishes of the people of occupied Kashmir.


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