Malik Amin Aslam chaired the first meeting of the “ Green Finance Working Group.


Advisor to PM on Climate Change Mr. Malik Amin Aslam chaired the first meeting of the “ Green Finance Working Group” . The Green Finance Working Group established under the aegis of Ministry of Climate Change is an advisory group that provides a single plate form to all environmental protection agencies and other stakeholders to discuss and share different models, experiences and feasibility in Pakistan. World Bank program leader for sustainable development Mr. Lixin Ghu and environmental specialist Rahat Jabeen, Asian Development Bank representative Dr. Muzzam, International Finance Corporation Miss Huma Khalid , Director General Pakistan environmental protection Mr. Irfan Tariq, planning division representation Mr. Mohammad Shah and UNCEF representative participated in the meeting. Mr. Malik Amin Aslam apprised all the participants that Pakistan is very serious towards climate change and we are determined to take tireless efforts in climate change and environmental protection by initiating Clean Green Pakistan, and billion tree plantations in the coming years as all provinces will submit PC1 models in the first week of Coming month.He further added the CleanGreen vision of Imran Khan covers all targets and domain of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Green Climate Finance and for that reason theGreen Climate Finance sponsored two mega project: Glaysiers Lake outburst Flood(GLOF) and Karachi RedLine Metro bus service with zero carbon emission. Referring to the China model of Carbon trading, carbon storage and carbon auditing, he remarked that If China is allowed they may offset the project to Pakistan , which will have positive impact on economic growth. All participants of Green Finance Working Group expressed their pleasure for being the part of this group and also lauded the efforts of climate change ministry by making such a forum that bring together all stakeholders. The members put forward their recommendation for generation Green Finance by launching public-private partnership , issuance of Green bond, Carbon trading , Carbon auditing, Carbon storage, establishment of green infrastructure , promotion of solar and wind energy and resource efficiency energy .


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