Mahmood Khan has warned the sugar mills owners to immediately start crushing of sugarcane.


Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has warned the sugar mills owners to immediately start crushing of sugarcane. The delay in crushing affects the sugarcane growers bringing losses to them and the government would never compromise on the interest of the cultivators.

The failure of the mills owners would leave the government with no other option but to use the law and appoint administrators to start the crushing without any lapse of time.
He was addressing a high level meeting at Chief Minister House Peshawar. Provincial Minister for Information, Shaukat Yousafzai, Minister Food Qalandar Lodhi, Chief Secretary Naveed Kamran Baloch, Principal Secretary to CM Muhammad Israr, Secretary Finance, Shakeel Qadir, Secretary Food Akbar Khan, Commissioner Sugarcane Saadat Hasan and others attended. The meeting thoroughly debated the reservations of the sugarcane growers and their problems arising out of the none starting of crushing of sugarcane by the mills owners. The meeting was briefed about the legal way out to deal with the situation that included the nature of demand of the sugar mills owners, the steps taken by the government department, the reaction shown by the sugar mills owners and the subsequent grievances of the sugarcane growers. The meeting was further informed about the possibility of law and order situation in D.I.Khan because of the none starting of sugar crushing by the relevant sugar mills in D.I.Khan. The none starting of the crushing season was affecting five to six thousands families.

Chief Minister directed to immediately address to this problem and resolve it on priority basis. He directed the Secretary Food, Commissioner Sugarcane, Commissioner D.I.Khan and DIG D.I.Khan to conduct meetings with the mills owners and informed them about the gravity of the situation. If the sugar mills owners stop their protest and start the crushing of sugarcane timely, it will be in the benefit of all but if they dis-agree and do not start the crushing, the next most suitable option will be to take these mills over by the administration and run them through its own administrators.
Mahmood Khan assured that his government would allow no step bringing perturbation to the poor growers of sugarcane. He assured not to make any compromise on the right of the growers.

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has said his government has laid down the foundation for bringing dynamism and efficiency in the public sector institutions to deliver on merit and justice. There would be no deviation from just and merit based decision making, he added.
He was addressing the participants of 24th Senior Management Course of National Institute of Management Peshawar at Chief Minister House Peshawar. He said that expeditious development is the mission of his government He had laid down some guiding principles for good governance that included participatory approach in the governance, rule of law, accountability, transparency, responsiveness, consensus orientation, equality, public welfare, efficiency, monitoring and strategic vision. These principles would lead this province and the country towards rapid and sustained economic growth adding that we have to contribute collectively in order to obtain our shared goal of national development.
Mahmood Khan attributed the short decline of crime graph and terrorism to the efficient border fencing, combined search and combing operations and strengthening the intelligence gathering mechanism in the province.
Chief Minister informed the participants about the extension of public sector entities to the newly merged seven districts of the erstwhile FATA into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Except judiciary, police, Excise and Revenue, all other departments have already been extended to the new seven districts, he added.
Mahmood Khan said his government was working on the strengthening of governance at the lower tier in order to address the people’s grievances at local level. We wanted to engage the potential of the youth in constructive and productive sectors. The local government’s model of this province is unique in nature and would be the most suitable local government in the history of the country.
Chief Minister said that there was no two sets of laws in the province and all are equal in the eyes of the law adding he presented himself for accountability and the provincial government introduced the conflict of interest and other such sun shining laws to discourage the misuse of power and resources. The Right to Information would totally eliminate favoritism, whimsical decision making, personal likes and dislikes, corruption and irregularities.
Mahmood Khan said his government totally eliminated political interference in all public institutions in order to ensure that the deserving get their right on merit. There is a check and balance mechanism and the government was accountable to the people. It brought along the factor of responsiveness to the public demand adding that the dispute resolution councils resolved the petty nature of disputes between and among the people.
Chief Minister said that his government introduced the concept of public welfare in the governance model adding that the laws, the decision making and the efficiency in institutions were aimed at ensuring the public interest. His government wanted to invest in human resource development and introduced the system of reward and punishment in the public sector institutions. He established independent monitoring units to assess the performance of public sectors institutions. He had been having surprise visits of hospitals, thanas and mega projects in order to give relief to the people.
Mahmood Khan told the participants that he was aware of the natural advantages of the province which were being exploited for the benefit of the people and the vision of Imran Khan is being followed for change with zeal and zest.
Chief Minister that Reshakai and Hattar Economic Zones alongwith the industrial estates in 17 districts was an encouraging step attracting the investors to invest at large scale in industrialization and trade etc adding that this province is going to be the centre of trade and commercial activities in the wake of CPEC. His government has already sensitized different training institutes to train the youth for the upcoming challenges.
Mahmood Khan congratulated the participants of the 24th Senior Management Course for their successful completion of the course adding that the public servants constantly get knowledge to practically serve the people. The public servants do not have any affiliation with political parties or grouping but honestly contribute to the collective goal of policy implementation prepared by the elected representatives of the people.