Mahmood Khan has spoken out his mind for using the diversified advantages of the province, the baseline for rapid growth and realistic well being of the people.


PESHAWAR: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has spoken out his mind for using the diversified advantages of the province, the baseline for rapid growth and realistic well being of the people. There will be a shift from irregular economy to the regular economy in the province. The government has made dozens of legislations in its previous tenure for transparency, corruption free governance, expeditious dispensation of justice and prominent among them is the law against ice and other life threatening drugs. His government would discourage child abuse and facilitate the spiral of silence for those who could not speak out about their problems and in the process becomes isolates in the society.
We have concerns about the ice drug in our educational institutions and he had already directed for drastic steps to eliminate it.
He was talking to Shehzad Roy, National good will ambassador for United Nation office on drugs and crime Pakistan who called on him at CM House Peshawar. He brought to the notice of Chief Minister the issue drug prevention in educational institutions in KP, innovative ideas for introduction of early education in mother language and promotion of tourism related activities in the province.
Mahmood Khan assured to work on the lines identified and followed by the developed nations for the quality education in the province. Quality will be the only yard stick in our whole educational reforms initiatives and there would be no compromise on it. We are aware of our weaknesses in the system of education and we have already planned how to overcome these weaknesses. The government would create concrete connectivity, where missing, to overhaul the education system so that it could compete any educational system of international standard. The government intervention at all stages will be visible. Simultaneously we would vigorously follow for the complete success of enrollment drive in order to bring out-of- school children to schools, he added. He said “we are aware of the resistance against reforms but we are committed to strengthening and streamlining the educational system through innovative initiatives. KP will continue to be the role model for the educational system reforms”, he added.
The Chief Minister assured that his government has the wherewithal to lead this province towards sustained economic growth adding that tourism, energy and mineral resources would be the mainstay of the future economy of this province. His government would not only welcome the investors but would facilitate them guaranteeing their investment to pay them back and that would also lead this province and its people towards prosperity. He also identified different areas including entire Malakand and Hazara divisions for diversified tourism potentials needing, tapping and that would boost the whole of the province.
Chief Minister said the government would make intervention to discourage drug addiction not only in the educational institutions but would make curative steps to totally eliminate it. There would be legislations if required to declare use of ice and other drugs as the psychological and physical health issues. The hospitals would have facilities to treat ice and other drug addicts.This province would have a dominant role in the next national policy against ice and other drugs. The use of drug could be an issue but the selling of drugs would be a crime and the criminals would never escape punishment for the criminalization of society. He assured to conduct a meeting between the Shehzad Roy led UN delegation and the education department for innovative reforms for promotion of education in the mother language at the early stage of education.
He said that the merger of new districts of the erstwhile FATA, stopping corruption, decriminalization of criminalized pockets of the province by the war on terror, the total elimination of corruption and irregularities, the upholding of merit, justice and transparency are some of the areas, his government would go with a focus approach for the better future of the province. He assured to take visible steps against child abuse and improve juvenile justice system in the province.
Shehzad Roay assured that the UN would help out the provincial government for the capacity building, force raising and a especially trained unit to deal with the issues such as ice drug narcotics and issues in social welfare department. He talk about his trust ‘Zindigi’ working for reforming the public sector educational institutions adding that the model introduced by Zindigi could be replicated in strengthening the educational system of the province, the model will include the replication of early education in the mother tongue, easy skills of learning, teachers trainings, making the KP as a launching pad for the whole of the country, provision of free books and involving the international philanthropists in the quality education of the province.


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