Mahmood Khan has directed for realistic strategy to put on ground the recommendations for the 100 days plan in the province.


Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtukhwa Mahmood Khan has directed for realistic strategy to put on ground the recommendations for the 100 days plan in the province. He further directed for forms in the civil services by the task force adding that check and balance is necessary for good governance and the public servants should have the requisite training required to meet the modern age challenges. This province needed trained and able work force adding that the police along with the provincial ministers and mashraan of the areas should conduct open katcheries in different parts of the province in order to resolve the people’s problems on the spot. The independence of police and their interaction with the public for the resolution of their problems would win back the public trust for them.
He directed to move with a focus approach on the primary and healthcare institutions and decided to extend the Sehat Insaf Cards to the poor in the province. The meeting formed a task force to plan the real empowerment of women.
Mahmood Khan directed the TEVTA for a comprehensive training plan for the youth in the wake of CPEC as this province wuld need trained work force for industrial and commercial purposes and therefore directed the TEVTA to convert its training centres into production centres.
Chief Minister asked for realistic recommendations for the provision of employment to the trained work force, improvement of higher education to be compatible with the future needs and that too of international standard.
Mahmood Khan directed for a comprehensive plan for improved examination system, attracting the out-of-the-school-kids to the schooling system and more importantly mainstreaming the religious seminaries in the province.
He was presiding over a meeting on the 100 days plan set before different departments and sectors under the vision of PTI to set the direction of the governance in the province at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. Provincial Ministers, ACS, administrative secretaries, head of SSU and other relevant officials attended. The meeting focused on the 100 days plan. Different briefings were given at the occasion.
The meeting was told about a 17 members Advisory Council for the health policy manned by experts of national and international level and international organizations. A core committee was already working on the policy of the health department and its first set of recommendations would be presented soon. The meeting also agreed to the rehabilitation of primary and secondary healthcare centres, focus on deadly diseases and the extension of Sehat Insaf Cards to the poor throughout the province and in the next phase the insurance company would be hired for the purpose.
Chief Minister assured for the provision of resources for all sectors but it would be linked to the transparent utilization on public welfare. The meeting also formed a task force for the real empowerment of women and the Chief Minister said that there should be visible steps for the welfare and resolution of problems of the women.
Regarding the Law Department, the meeting was briefed about the amended civil procedure code, however, the High Court would be approached for implementation on the new law. Judicial reforms have been prepared which would be handed over to the relevant quarters, the meeting informed.
Mahmood Khan directed to include representation from the civil society for the task force headed by ACS for the provincial public service reforms adding that check and balance is indispensable for good governance. The government servants needed proper training for their capacity building as this province needed a trained and dynamic work force to meet the future challenges of the province.
Chief Minister also agreed to the finalization of traffic warden system in Peshawar, Swat and Abbottabad and its extension to Mardan. He also agreed to the use of technology for public awareness and education that will further make transparent the working of police. He also directed to hold open combined katcheries by the provincial ministers, police and mashraan in order to resolve the people’s grievances. He appreciated the apprehension of 1800 proclaimed offenders that improved the law and order situation and reduced the crime graph in the province. The police needed to enhance the level of interaction with the people to boost their confidence on the police. The government would provide resources, he added.
Mahmood Khan directed to remove the irritants in the safe city projects as we have to bravely knock down terrorism and criminals for improved law and order situation. He appreciated the tourist policing in Malakand and Hazara and added that we would make recruitment for efficient security to secure the CPEC related projects.
Chief Minister directed to strengthen the dispute resolution council under the local government system adding that we would need efficient and dynamic work force for the industrial and commercial needs of the province in future. The training centres of TEVTA should be converted into production centres with quality training and the government would provide initial funding adding that transparency and merit should not be compromised in recruitment. He appreciated the model institute and centre of excellence however, he directed to survey the market, identify the needs of the market and plan the provision of trained manpower for the purpose.
Mahmood Khan advised for the regulatory framework of the private colleges and training centres in order to bring improvement in the quality of training. He also advised to bring improvement in the quality of higher education and the establishment of council of higher education in the province. The BS program should be research and assignment oriented which is the international standard. The departments should firm up recommendations adding that major portion of resources would go to the education sector in the budget. The educational plan would also be shared with the donors but we need to improve the management structure, the registration of deeni madaris, mainstreaming them and preparing an educated nation and the route to this destination should go from the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he added.

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has directed to take effective administrative measures and ensure cleanliness in Khalifa Gulnawaz Hospital Bannu in order to ensure efficient delivery of services. He also directed to resolve the issues raised by the students of pharmacy department of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan.
The Chief Minister took strong notice of administrative mismanagement and public complaints against administration of Khalifa Gulnawaz Hospital Bannu. He directed the authorities concerned to take immediate steps to address the public grievances. He ordered that all the necessary medicines should be available in the hospital so that efficient health services could be provided to poor people.
Meanwhile, the Chief Minister also took notice of dengue outbreak in Buner and directed for fast track preventive measures to control it. “An awareness campaign for general public should be launched and separate wards should also be allocated for dengue patients in the hospitals”, he directed.



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