JI to sit in opposition, await fulfillment of Imran’s promises .


LAHORE, expressing serious reservations on the election results and the state institutions’ role therein, the Jamaat e Islami has decided to sit in the opposition and await the fulfillment of Imran khan’s promise to build Pakistan on the pattern of the Madina state .
Ameer, JIP, Senator Sirajul Haq, addressing a press conference after a marathon meeting of the JI central executive at Mansoora, however called for the setting up a commission to probe into the allegations of irregularities and rigging in the elections. He stressed that all the affected parties must be allowed to present their reservations and their reservations be removed.
He said that the illegal interference by the state institutions in the elections had left a bad impression on the public mind due to which even the winners felt ashamed. He said that the state institutions and their resources were used to change the loyalties of people in order to secure desired results as was something unprecedented. Besides, he said, the election results were delayed for hours and the Polling agents of the candidates from Dir to Chitral were not provided Form 45.
The JI chief however, expressed satisfaction over the holding of elections on schedule and noted that the religious parties including the MMA had secured more than 5.5 million votes. He said that the JI believed in bringing about the Islamic revolution through the democratic process,. He said that the vote bank of the religious parties could become a formidable force through unity. He said that the other parties of the MMA would be taken into confidence on these issues.
Sirajul Haq said the JI would play the role of a constructive opposition, appreciate every good work of the government and oppose every wrong move.
“We want Imran Khan to fulfill his promises to move the country towards an Islamic state as would require elimination of interest and the implementation on the decisions of the Council of Islamic Ideology. Imran Khan has also promised provision of jobs to ten million youth and freeing the country from the hold of the IMF besides provision of shelter to five million homeless families, he noted.
The JI chief maintained that trade with India without the liberation of Kashmir would be harmful for the country. He added that talks with India without Kashmiris leadership would be unproductive.
Sirajul Haq reiterated his demand for across the board accountability of the corrupt and retrieving the five hundred billion dollars of the Pakistanis lying abroad. He said that this money could be used to pay off the 83 million dollars loan on the country and providing necessary relief to the masses. He said that the recovery of this plundered money should be the foremost task before the new government.
JI Secretary General Liaqat Baloch, JI deputy chiefs Asadullah Bhutto, Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha,and other JI office bearers were also present, on the occasion.


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