Introducing Tough Penalties for Rapists and Sex Offenders: Law Minister


Islamabad: Federal Minister for Law and Justice Barrister Dr. Muhammad Farogh Naseem has said that the government is introducing laws to mete out tough penalties to those who are guilty of rape and sex offences.

While talking to reporters at the Law Ministry the Minister said that since Parliament was not in session, an Ordinance will be promulgated to toughen the laws against rapists and sex offenders. The penalties include death penalty, imprisonment for entire life, 10 to 25 years of imprisonment and chemical castration. He said chemical castration of the offender may be for some time or for life. He said similar laws were in place in the United States and other countries. The chances of chemical castration will increase for the repeat offenders. He said a registry of sex offenders will be maintained by NADRA which will help in apprehending the perpetrators of sex crimes. He also said that the people need to play an important role by Pointing out sex offenders and rapists around them.


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