India bent upon to pushing the region towards disaster, Masood Khan .


BROOKLYN, The AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has stressed upon the international community particularly the UN Security Council to take cognizance of the Indian hegemonic designs in the region.

Speaking at a function organized by the local diaspora community here, he said that India is bent upon to pushing the whole South Asian region towards a disaster and to disrupt the global peace to fulfill its nefarious designs.

For this purpose, the AJK President said that India had adopted a three-pronged strategy. In the first phase, it committed aggression against the people of occupied Kashmir on August 5, is continuing to target the people living along the Line of Control in Azad Kashmir, and is hurling war threats at Pakistan.

He said that India has already initiated a war against Pakistan and its fanatic government has vowed to disintegrate Pakistan. “The Indian Defense Minister has threatened to “retake” Azad Kashmir,” he said and warned that any such move would compel Pakistan to retaliate with full force.

The AJK President said that all the political parties of Pakistan and the diaspora demonstrated unprecedented unity on the Kashmir issue, which is a source of strength for the oppressed Kashmiri people.

He said that convening of the UN Security Council session on Kashmir had been possible only by virtue of the efforts of Pakistan. “The Security Council should have proactively taken up the Kashmir issue and not waited for any communiqués from Pakistan or Kashmiris,” he said adding that the world body must continue to convene sessions on Kashmir and exert pressure on India to implement the UN resolutions and restore fundamental rights of Kashmiri people particularly their right to self-determination.

Appreciating the role of the diaspora community, the AJK President said that our diaspora community has actively taken up the Kashmir issue. He said that the world is becoming more aware of the situation and reality of the issue.

He said that major parliaments of the world are now discussing the Kashmir issue. Recently, the European Union in its Plenary Session formally discussed the Kashmir issue and global media is reporting facts about the real situation in IOK.
He said, “We must benefit from the window that has been provided to us and continue to raise awareness on the Kashmir issue.”

Sardar Masood Khan said, “The Hindutva ideology adopted by the incumbent regime in New Delhi advocates the supremacy of Hinduism, and lynching of Muslims and other Indian minorities, forced conversions and restrictions on practicing religions other than Hinduism are part of this vicious game.”

Explaining the plight of Kashmiri people, he said that the occupied territory has been under siege, and the people imprisoned in their own homes for the last about two months. “The Indian troops pick the Kashmiri youth and place them in prisons across India, which have now been turned into concentration centers for the Kashmiri people,” he added.

The AJK president urged the UN Security Council has to continue convening sessions on Kashmir and take cognizance of India’s actions.

The function was also addressed by the opposition leader in the AJK Legislative Assembly Chaudhry Yaseen , as well as Ghulam Nabi Fai and other leading community leaders.

Houston, Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, while addressing a gathering of the Association of Physicians of Pakistan Descent in North America (APPNA), called upon the US Congress to hold a debate and pass a resolution on the serious situation in the Indian Occupied Kashmir, .

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee, Congressman Al Green and State Representative Sean Thierry also spoke at the event and warmly welcomed the presence of the President on the occasion. They said that they would make concerted efforts for the restoration of the rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and for averting a war in the region.

The President thanked the leadership of Mr. Tahir Javed, an influential voice within the US Democratic Party for mobilising the community.

President Masood Khan said that the Pakistani-Americans and Kashmiri-Americans, in support of the Congressman and Senators who had raised their voice in support of Kashmiris, should get to Washington D.C to persuade the US Congress to give diplomatic and political support for an end to the ongoing killings, incarcerations and torture in Kashmir. “End to killings and persecution is first priority; but the US Congress should also put its weight behind efforts to reverse the unlawful steps India took on August 5, 2019 to subvert the status of Jammu and Kashmir whose political status has to be decided in accordance with the wishes of its people”, he said.

He also called on the members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and House Foreign Affairs Committee to take initiative in this regarding and take steps to address the human rights crisis in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The President thanked the people of Houston for organising a big rally against the “Howdy Modi” rally of the Indian-Americans. The demonstration by nearly 30,000 people in New York on September 27 in front of the UN Headquarters, while Modi was addressing the General Assembly, showed the outrage of the world community against the aggravating steps taken by India’s extremist government.

President Masood Khan expressed his deep disappointment over the silence and inaction of the UN Security Council since August 16, 2019, when it convened an informal session at the request of Pakistan. If the Security Council does not act, the people of Jammu and Kashmir will have to take steps to defend their rights and there would be an irreversible drift to war with dire consequences. “India is threatening Pakistan with the use of nuclear weapons. Is it not the responsibility of the international community to restrain and discipline India?” he asked.

The President said: “There is time to be silent; and the time to speak; and this is the time to speak as a bloodbath has already started in Kashmir where 13,000 boys has been picked up arbitrarily by occupation force and are being tortured in concentration camps.”

Right now, President Masood Khan said, India’s violent extremist government is celebrating its murderous campaign in Kashmir and is seeking endorsement for that from world leaders, while Kashmiris and Pakistanis are demonstrating outside the United Nations and in world capitals. “A day would come when the dawn of Kashmir’s freedom and self-determination would be celebrated in the streets and squares of Kashmir and all around the world”, he said. Kashmiris, he said, had fought their war for freedom for the past 200 years and had not capitulated to terror and tyranny and they had taken a vow that would get their freedom under the most daunting circumstances and no power on earth can stop them from attaining this goal.

The President invited Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee and members of the Pakistan Caucus in the US Congress to visit Azad Kashmir. He extended an invitation to Congressman Al Green to visit Azad Kashmir which he accepted.

The President emphasised that neither Kashmiris nor Pakistan wanted a war. Their preference, he said, was to stop repression in Kashmir and to resolve the Jammu and Kashmir dispute through peaceful means, especially through multilateral efforts led by the UN. “We want that the UN sets up peace tables and eliminates the war theatre in the IOK where 900,000 occupation forces are brutalising unarmed civilians.”

Earlier, the President had a meeting with Congressman Al Green in which he briefed him about the horrendous human rights situation in IOK and sought the help of the US Congressional leaders to rescue Kashmiris from India’s state terrorism and support initiation of diplomacy for giving them their rights promised by the UN and international law.

New York, Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, in a meeting with former Norwegian Prime Minister, Kjell Magne Bondevik, said that the resolution of the Kashmir issue is imperative for regional and world peace.

During the meeting, the two leaders expressed hope that the issue of Kashmir is resolved in accordance to the UN Security Council resolutions passed in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The President said that the Kashmir dispute calls for a lasting solution which can only be achieved through the implementation of the UNSC resolutions that calls for a free and fair plebiscite. He said that Kashmiris are struggling for their right to self-determination. He added that the people of Kashmir before the curfew of August 5 were engaged in a peaceful and unarmed struggle against the Indian occupation forces.

The President said that the Pakistan and the people of Kashmir seek a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir Dispute. He said that war is not a solution to the dispute. He added that India is threatening regional peace and any such militaristic misadventure by them may jeopardize regional and global peace.

He urged the major international powers to raise their voice in support of the Kashmiris and bring an immediate stop to the human rights violations taking place in IOK.

Post August 5, said the AJK President, Jammu and Kashmir has been transformed into the world largest prison where the Kashmiris live under a dark pall of tyranny. He informed that there is complete lockdown and a total communications blackout in the territory. Young Kashmiris are being illegally detained and their whereabouts are unknown to their family. These detainees have been transferred to the most notorious jails of India and they are being subjected to unimaginable forms of torture. During midnight raids, old men are kicked and the women are molested and assaulted.

The President on the occasion invited the former Norwegian Premier to visit AJK and openly observe the situation on ground.

During the day, Mr. Javed Rathore, a US based social activist, led a delegation which also called on the AJK President. Members of the delegation who hailed from various cities of the US and Canada also informed the President about the demonstration held outside the UN. They said that a large number of people from all walks of life were present on the occasion.

The President while conversing with the members of the delegation said that the UN Security Council must continue to convene meetings on Kashmir and it should play a proactive role in resolving this longstanding dispute.

Earlier, a delegation led by Ms. Ghazala Habib, Chairperson Friends of Kashmir (FOK) also called on the President. The delegation apprised the President of various activities undertaken by FOK in raising awareness on the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

The President while commending the efforts of the FOK in mobilizing support for the Kashmiris said that organizations like FOK are playing a key role in creating critical awareness on the issue of Kashmir and the human rights abuses taking place in IOK at the hands of the Indian occupation forces.

President Masood Khan lauded the role of the diaspora the community especially in the United States and for advocating the compelling need for the realization of the right to self-determination of people of Jammu and Kashmir.