Increase in Clean Water Supply to residents of Rawalpindi and Chaklala Cantonments.


Visit of site by Station Commander Rawalpindi Brigardier Ijaz Qamar Kiani on last Saturday 9 May followed by three meetings in current week in Station Headquarter and persistent push with humble efforts 2.4 MGD (million gallon per day) water has been added to existing 9 MGD in main Supply line from Water Treatment plant (WTP) Sangjani for all ranks and families residing in Rawalpindi garrison as well as residents of slump areas of Cantonment boards including Misriyal, Chur, Seham, Allahabad, Tamasamabad, Dhamial, Mughalabad, Westridge, Tahli Mori, Dheri Hassan, Jhanda Chichi, Dhoke Chiragh Din. The net increase is 26 % in existing water supply.

Moreover, a committee of member of Rawalpindi Cantonment board has been constituted which will ensure judicious distribution of water to affected areas. There were areas who were getting water after 45 days. With hard work and improved monitoring and surveillance the lag has been reduced to 15 days. Current increase will surely bring it down to 2-3 days .

Efforts of Rawalpindi and Chaklala Cantonment Boards doesn’t end here. After unfortunate inability and standstill status of earlier federal level Committee constituted in January 20, Rawalpindi Cantonment board has approached Ministry of Interior (under whom Capital Development Authority is managing the Water Treatment plant (WTP) Sangjani for maintenance and upgradation including repair of pumping motors of plant. Approximate cost is Rs 100 mn. Meeting is scheduled 20 May and if maintenance is successful done it will increase 50 % supply of water.