Ijaz Shah successful in regaining Islamabad’s status as family station,internationally.


Ijaz Shah successful in regaining Islamabad’s status as family station,internationally.

-Islamabad was declared non family station post Marriot hotel blasts of 2008.

-Federal Minister for Interior Brig (R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah’s supervision of Islamabad Police and Law enforcing agencies helped in improving overall environment of Islamabad.

-“UN must play its role in resolving Kashmir issue and maintaining global peace”. Ijaz Shah

“Federal Minister for Interior Ijaz Ahmad Shah is the architect of new police strategy and improving the overall security status of Islamabad”. Said IG Islamabd, AamirZulifqar Khan.
Islamabad: Federal Minister for Interior, Brig (R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah met UN delegation led by Mr. Knut Ostby, UN resident coordinator for Pakistan, today, IG Islamabad AamirZulifqar Khan also attended the meeting. Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan was recently declared as family station after almost 11 years ago. This status was taken back after the unfortunate bomb blasts in Marriott hotel of Islambad that left the city shattered in September 2008. “We are pretty much satisfied with the current security situation of Pakistan overall and Islamabad to be specific” said Mr. Knut Ostby while sharing his experience about the capital.

“I must appreciate the efforts of Islamabad Police and law enforcement agencies in restoration of peace in the city, it would not have been possible without their efforts” Ijaz Ahmad Shah added. The Inspector General of Islamabad Police, AamirZulifqar Khan said that Ijaz Shah can be termed as the architect of new policy of Police and has immensely improved the overall situation and environment of the city. 
In response to the concern shown by UN representative over the issuance of NOC for far flung areas in Pakistan, the Federal Minister said that policy to facilitate the process is underway and soon the Ministry of Interior will come up with a feasible solution to the matter. Promoting tourism and ensuring full security across the country are our main priorities, said the Minister.
While discussing global peace, the Interior Minister said that world has transformed into a global village and assurance of providing justice is mandatory to maintain global peace. He further added that Security Council must take notice on the atrocities and injustice in Kashmir as well as wherever such issues take place. This is very significant to ensure that world peace does not suffer. The meeting concluded with a promise that the two will coordinate and collaborate for better working relations in future.


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