Health Minister calls for collective efforts to achieve SDGs


Federal Minister National Health Aamer Mehmood Kiani has called for collective efforts of all stakeholders to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. The Minister made these remarks while addressing the Third Surgeon General International Conference here today.
It is important to recall that Sustainable Development Goals are not just an additional plan, but a shared vision of the world. These form the basis of a new social contract between the leaders and their people. Unfortunately, although we know where we want to get to, yet in our third year of implementation of the Agenda we still face some startling challenges.
Minister said environmental and geostrategic changes are so profound and rapid that no country can stand alone. The 2030 Agenda recognizes this change by moving beyond a strategy, to just “develop poor countries”, to a universal plan applicable to all.
Minister said I believe that working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is more than a matter of policy; it is one of necessity. But, realization of this Agenda will require a fundamental shift in strategy, at all levels. From my own perspective, some of the reasons for the failure to achieve these goals in the past include the lack of adequate planning, the absence of a multi-sectorial approach and the scarcity of data for monitoring progress. As a first step towards the development of this roadmap, the state could organize a national forum that would bring together all relevant sectors, inclusive of Armey Medical Corps, to discuss current roles, analyze strengths and weaknesses, identify ways to track progress and convert it into a collective national vision. The goals, at first, may seem a distinct possibility. However, I believe that they are achievable. The necessary pre-requisite is to have a dream, second is to lay the path, third is the resolve to overcome the obstacles.
Minister said I foresee a flourishing future of military health in Pakistan and am pleased to see that Armey Medical Corps has provided this forum to act as a nexus for exchange of views and practices. It is essential that we learn from each other’s experiences. Cooperation between the civil and military sectors across borders is the only way forward for a better tomorrow.
Minister said thanked all delegates for taking out time to come all the way to Pakistan. He said we hope the foreign delegates take home memorable experiences, and capitalize on the outcome of this interaction for subsequent collaborations.


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