Hassan Nasir Jamy Inaugurated Miyawaki Afforestation Project at Ramma Dam Site Islamabad International Airport .


Islamabad: In pursuance of the Clean and Green Pakistan Initiative, Secretary Aviation Division Hassan Nasir Jamy inaugurated Miyawaki afforestation project at Ramma Dam site Islamabad International Airport on Friday.

Miyawaki afforestation is a technique pioneered by Japanese Botanist Akira Miyawaki which helps built dense, native forest to ensure that plant growth in 10 times faster resulting plantation in 30 times denser than usual. It involves dozens of native species in the same area which becomes maintenance free. Under this project, 5400 plants of different species are planted in 5400 sq feet area. Apart from this, 7000 tress have been planted at 14 Acre land around Ramma Dam.

Later, Secretary Aviation also planted sapling at Ramma Dam. Speaking on the occasion, Secretary Aviation highlighted the significance of the campaign and termed it as a positive contribution towards Clean and Green Pakistan initiative. Secretary further reiterated that it’s our responsibility to provide neat and clean environment to our next generation.

Secretary Aviation was briefed by the Airport Manager that under the vision of Prime Minister Clean and Green Pakistan Initiative Islamabad International Airport will plant 5 lakh trees in next 4 to 5 years at the Airport.


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