Islamabad: Federal Minister for National Health Services Aamer Mehmood Kiani visited the dengue ward of Federal Government Polyclinic Hospital and examined the facilities being given to the patients.
Speaking on occasion Minister said Government will not tolerate any negligence in providing best medical treatment to patients. Minister said present government has already taken measures to control dengue. Minister said this year most dengue cases were reported from rural areas. In this regard I have visited the Tarnol Union Council.
Minister said disease has been contained and outbreak Alhamdolillah curtailed within the limits of Tarnol union council. As tirelessly efforts have been made to control the outbreak by putting in huge manpower and diverting all available resources as very few cases have been reported so far from other union councils.

The Union Council of Tarnol was hard hit by dengue fever this year because of the fact that it harbors laborers, contractors and large god owns of equipment junkyards and trash and heavy earth breaking machinery.

Secondly there were huge dumps of solid waste in this area with no system of their disposal.

Thirdly there is no regular water supply system. The community living here depends on intermittent supply of water that is mostly through water tankers that act forces them to store water in open water containers that fact leads to dengue mosquitoes breeding.

Teams working in tarnol are looking into all these aspects to control the disease through active indoor and outdoor surveillance.

Spokesman the Ministry of National Health Services said on the Direction of Federal Minister National Health Services Aamer Mehmood Kiani Health Department of Islamabad is working on a strategy composed of two parts and has held meetings to depute its teams comprising of Sanitary Inspectors and Lady Health Supervisor and workers to launch a continuous campaign, in its first part of the strategy it has directed the staff for carrying out the following measures:

Social Mobilization by house to house visits of Lady Health Visitors for motivating community to create awareness amongst the rural population to adopt preventive measures to save themselves from the bite of Dengue mosquitoes and asked them to remain vigilant to stop dengue mosquitoes to flourish or develop from Larvae to adult mosquito inside the homes of their catchment area community and around the residences. Community to be motivated to remove solid waste from these same places. They would also hold awareness walks, display Banners, distribute pamphlets and also motivate school children for the purpose.
Outdoor Surveillance is being carried out and water bodies to be treated with chemicals by adding Tempos granules to destroy Dengue Vector completing its life cycle thereby stopping its growth from larvae to pupae stages in stagnant water that are the active Larvae breeding sites.
Indoor surveillance of dengue vector and mechanically treat “destroying by hand” these sites of Larvae breeding.
For indoor surveillance Lady Health Workers are making house to house visits in the community. And look for any probable breeding sites inside homes like water coolers having water, old broken furniture, toys, lids, cans pitchers and saucers, refrigerator trays, flower pots, utensils and all those items that might have attracted the rain or water from other sources during the current moon soon season.