Ghulam Sarwar Khan has directed CAA to form a special task force to help out passengers at airports.


Islamabad: Federal Minister for Aviation,Ghulam Sarwar Khan,has directed Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Thursday to formulate a special task force to help passengers,who are stranded at airports due to weather conditions.Ghulam Sarwar Khan directed
Airport Chief Operating Officer (COO)/Air Port Manager (APM)/Terminal Manager (TM)/Duty Terminal Manager (DTM) of the respective airports to interact with passengers of delayed flights due to the prevailing fog situation in the country. Air Port Managers (APMs), Deputy Air Port Managers (DY APMs) and Terminal Managers (TMs) should ensure their presence in lounges/boarding areas for monitoring situation and to pre-empt rowdy situation.

All Air Port Managers (APMs)/Chief Operating Officers (COOs) are also directed to form a task force and ensure their availability after work hours. A senior officer Deputy Air Port Manager (APM)/Terminal Manager (TM) should head the team that should consist of all stakeholders i.e. Airports Security Force (ASF), airline and ground handling representatives in order to handle delayed flights and their passengers as per Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).


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