General Musharraf Urged People of Chitral to Elect APML Candidates


General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf in a video message to the people of Chitral has urged them to vote for All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) candidates Dr Muhammad Amjad and Sohrab Khan saying that the two will better serve the people in comparison with any other representative as he would be directly monitoring their progress by himself and would also guide them.APML Patron-in-Chief General Musharraf said that neither he left his party nor he has separated himself from the politics. In 2013 I was barred to take part in the elections as a measure of political vendetta and in 2018 I was once again not allowed to take part in the elections on the allegations of political in nature. During my tenure in the government, I worked for people of Chitral and initiated many projects for their prosperity. In return Chitrali people always loved me. Now I am asking them for the votes and help APML candidates winning 2018 elections. This vote will be for me, General Musharraf said. I am with APML and providing back support to the APML Chairman Dr Amjad.

Dr Amjad is known to me for the last many years and I assure you that he will better serve you in comparison to other candidates, General Musharraf said while addressing to Chitrali people. He said that he constructed canals in Chitral, started hydro power projects there and also initiated the massive project of Lawari Tunnel that people of Chitral had been demanding for the last 50 years. The reason these people loves me and believe in my leadership that is a matter of pride for me. It is love of the people area that in 2013 and 2018 elections, I submitted my nomination forms from Chitral but due to political vengeance, I was barred to take part in the election process. After I was disqualified to contest the elections in 2013, people of Chitral voted for my candidate. In 2018, I once again submitted nomination forms from Chitral and once again I was not allowed to take part in the election. He said that he would disclose reasons behind this and would also disclose that why he was stopped coming to Pakistan. Now Dr Amjad is taking part from NA-1 Chitral while Sohrab Khan from PK-1 while I am proving my full support to them. I haven’t left the political field empty. I will definitely return to the country and will be with Pakistani people once again.



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