Former Interior Minister and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) senior leader Senator A. Rehman Malik hold a press conference today about the Mumbai Attacks of 2008 and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif recent controversial and highly irresponsible statement.


Senator A. Rehman Malik while terming the statement of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharrif as highly irresponsible said that as a former Interior Minister and citizen of the Pakistan, it is his right and duty to clarify the misconceptions which have taken place after the statement of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He said that Nawaz Sharrif statement is contrary to the facts of investigation as Pakistan as state was never involved in Mumbai attacks but then government extended full support to India to investigate the incident thoroughly but unfortunately India neither had shared anything with Pakistan nor answered the 35 questions which the government of Pakistan had asked.
He said that then government and he as the then interior minister of Pakistan had strongly condemned the Mumbai attacks and the incident was taken seriously and was discussed in the National Security Council meeting wherein the three chief of forces were present and the responsibility of investigating it was given to him. A high powered JIT headed by the very competent officers Tariq Khosa and others was constituted and during the course of investigation it was found that non-state actors were involved in the heart-breaking incident of Mumbai attacks, said Rehman Malik. He said that as former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharrif could not differentiate between a state and non-state actor so he explains that a non-state actor is the one who works and operates independently from the government adding that India monkey agent Kulbushan jadav who was guilty of killing many innocent Pakistanis inside our land was a state-actor sent by RAW while Ajmal Kasab and David Headley like people are non-state actors who actually worked for Indian agency RAW.
Senator A. Rehman Malik said that his previous statements are on the records that he has always maintained that these attacks were the sting operation of Indian agency RAW adding that many times he had asked the then Interior Minister of India at to provide us the evidences against the accused persons but every time India failed to provide us any concrete evidence against Hafiz Saeed and others. He said that when our [Pakistani] Judicial Commission visited India for the trial to proceed and for the further investigation, the India denied their access to any evidence, accused persons, Ajmal Qisaab, hospital reports, witnesses and magistrate report.
He said “now I would like to come to the point of controversial statement made by thrice elected prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif about the involvement of Pakistan as state and would like to say that the statement is highly irresponsible and contrary to facts”. He said that his press conference is neither aimed at political point-scoring nor against any individual and political party but to keep the facts before the nation and world as Pakistan as state had no involvement in Mumbai attacks but it was Indian agency RAW carried out Mumbai attacks to defame Pakistan globally which we failed.
He said we have all the documentary proofs of RAW this sting operation that how RAW had recruited private handlers, how they were trained in Pakistan and then how they were provided with all the logistic support and facilitated them in reaching to their destination. “How the trial could have completed when India was never ready to share any evidence with Pakistan” asked Senator A. Rehman Malik.
Senator A. Rehman Malik said he would like to ask from Nawaz Sharif that when he was Prime Minister and knew about the case then why did not that time he disclose this information if it was factual and real? Why did not he share any such information with his Indian counterpart if he had such a big heart, asked Rehman Malik. He said that he sincerely advise Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharrif to withdraw this statement and tender apology from the nation because it is a highly irresponsible, immature and damaging statement from a person who had been Prime Minister of the country for three times. He said Nawaz Sharrif statement can bring irreparable loss to the country image particularly the time when Pakistan is under observation to be included in grey list of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and is being blamed for terror-financing. He said that India will exploit Nawaz Sharrif statement against Pakistan at international level.
For the sake of country nothing is wrong if Nawaz Sharrif comes on television and clarify that he was misinformed about the incident and had no knowledge of difference between the state and non-actor and their roles, said Senator A. Rehman Malik. He said that since day first India is not only involved in state terrorism in the Kashmir but also sending serving army officers like Kulbushan Jadav to Pakistan for the purpose of killing our innocent people and he thinks it was a negligence on Nawaz Sharrif’s part that he as Prime Minister of the country could not propagating against India despite of arrest of state terrorist Jadav Yadav in terror-stricken province of Balochistan. “Nawaz Sharrif had dragged India in international courts and UNO on Kulbushan Yadav’s case if he had wanted” said Rehman Malik.
Senator A. Rehman Malik said that what would be the answer of Nawaz Sharrif if United Nation (UNO) and FATF call him to prove his statement about Mumbai Attacks as most probably India will be taking his statement in international courts and organizations against Pakistan. It was absolutely unwise at his part to put the country in a difficult situation.
Following main points were highlighted for Senator A. Rehman Malik regarding Mumabi Attack and Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharrif’s controversial statement:
I had stated then that the non-state actors have been used by RAW.
David Headely (Daood Syed Gilani), a Pakistani origin US national – born and brought up in USA – had carried out the recce of the targets in Indian and was part of this plan. He acted as chief coordinator of this act of terrorism.
David Headley, a convict in a drug case, was launched from USA after giving him amnesty in the said drug case, who later established a travel agency in India as cover up, was fully supported by RAW. He visited Pakistan 5 times duly facilitated by RAW to launch its sting operation using Pak non-state actors.
Few days earlier than the attack, a junior Indian policeman had recovered these maps from Ansari brothers, agents of RAW, who were also part of the plan. Indian RAW tried to cover it up but it had leaked to the media. These two brothers were although arrested to cover up but were ultimately released without any prosecution/trial.
It was RAW, which facilitated the non-state actors like Ajmal Kasab recruited from Pakistan by RAW. That is why India did not give access to Pak investigators to Ajmal Kasab despite numerous requests made to India. India even till today has not given response to 26 questions given to India on this matter. India did not cooperate with the visiting Pak commission appointed by the trial court. I even demand from India today to hand over two Ansari brothers to us enabling our investigator to ask him some questions regarding their involvement in the attack, their arrests and the reasons for their release. The question arises as to why these two Ansari Brothers were not prosecuted by India who were fully involved in this whole terrorist operation as facilitator on behalf of RAW.

A professional Indian Police DIG Mr. Hamnet Karkare Karkrey was killed on the same day (on the day of Bombay attack) mysteriously who had earlier exposed the terrorist act of RAW and RSS on Samjota Express under the command of Army officer Lt Col Prasad Srikant Purohit.
Faheem Ansari and Sabahuddin acted as agent of RAW and they were matiators between RAW and non-state actors. They were the one who had done Riki and the Riki was also done by David Headley.
35 questions and dossiers were sent to India to be answered by Indian authorities but were never responded.
Telephones which were used by Kahrak Singh under phone call number 2012531824. IP address from Kuwait 8078132155 was also used and an IP of Spain. Payment was made from Itlay.
Access to Ajmal Kasab and other accused persons were denied by Indian government.
Pakistani judicial commission was not allowed to examine the witnesses and accused persons.

Government of Pakistan had fully cooperated with India in investigation and responded its questionnaire promptly with facts. FIA had also registered case against the alleged persons and fully investigated their alleged involvement in the planning or execution of the attack. During this investigation, carried out of a JIT comprising of senior officers were unanimous in their conclusions that no State actor, whosoever, was involved in this incident at any level. In fact it was State of India, which had engineered it to divert the international attention on the violation of human rights in Kashmir by the Indian Army.
It is a know fact that non State actors like David Headley and Ajmal Kasab, work for their own motives and money without having any regard to their masters. I wish Mian Sahib should have been aware of this distinction between state actors and non-state actors.
My claim that the Mumbai attack was in fact orchestrated by Indian RAW with the support of certain foreign countries has now been corroborated by Mr. Elias Davidsson in his 800-page book titled ‘The Betrayal of India: [A Close Look at the 2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks]’. Mr. Davidsson has explicitly claimed that it was a ‘false flag’ operation by Indian Agencies.
The statement of Mian Nawaz Sharif has created impression as if State of Pakistan had allowed these terrorists to act in India whereas factually it was a sting operation of RAW against Pakistan and RAW successfully used some non-state actors.
My earlier statement/ first press conference was based on investigation of a high-powered JIT and it was the factual national response to India whereas Mian Nawaz Sharif has given this incorrect statement in his individual capacity. However, since this statement has come from a former PM as such it would have harmful effects for Pakistan. We need to see the recent statements of President Donald Trump concerning Pakistan as hub of terrorists and now the statement of Mian Nawaz Sharif could be taken as corroborating the stance of President Trump. This baseless statement from a former PM of Pakistan could be damaging for us worldwide.
Such a statement implicating Pakistan amounts to back UNO enlisting of HAFIZ Saeed who was found not involved in this attack. He was proven innocent and he was bailed out by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.


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