Federal Minister For Interior Declares The Movement Of Opposition As Anti State And Malicious Campaign Against Security Institutions Of The Country.


Nawaz Sharif, who himself is an offender and disobeying the orders of the court by not returning is finding refuge in anti state propaganda to save himself from being held accountable, says Ijaz Shah.

The Federal Minister for Interior, Brig (R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah is of the view that these rallies to be held across Pakistan by opposition should not be allowed. The state will not allow any anti state agenda, the Minister said.

Ijaz Ahmad Shah said that Nawaz Sharif who fled to London seeking humanitarian assistance and health issues is now seeking refuge in anti state agenda. “Now that Nawaz knows that he has to either pay back the money or face the court, he has started undermining country’s institutions”.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan announced in his initial speeches of 2018 that if any of the parties think that elections were rigged they should identify the seats to be re-examined, which they did not do and have no started hue and cry” said Ijaz Shah.

He further said that the state is not so weak that it will succumb to the pressure of the ones who have looted the country for years and are now afraid of facing the reality. “No democracy in the world maligns its own Institutions” he added.

The Interior Minister is of the view that these rallies have nothing to do with the betterment of Pakistan or democratic practices but are solely planned around anti state agenda to create disruption across the country and give room to the external elements to find grounds to damage the country. In this perspective, he is of the view that opposition is holding these rallies under “pretext” of democracy and are by no means in country’s favor. In my view they should not be allowed to hold these rallies. He said.

“The country’s honor and the dignity of its institutions are to be maintained and protected by all means”. He added.


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