Federal Minister for Interior Brig (R) Ijaz Shah visited the National Defense University, Islamabad.


On 19 June to address participants of the Command and Leadership Programme 2020(CLP) on the Issues Pertaining to internal security of the country. The event was part of the series of talks/briefings arranged during the course.The lecture was attended by the Director General ISSRA,NDU,faculty members and the participants of the Command and Leadership Programme.

Interior Minister dilated upon the prevailing internal security challenges and gave a comprehensive overview on the measures taken by the Government to ensure safety and security in the country that has been achived through a coordinated response.

While talking about country’s security situation,Honourable Minister presented a comprehensive overview of National Action Plan and National Internal Security Policy and reiterated that implementation of National Action Plan is a priority of the Government. He highlighted that the graph of terrorist activities has witnessed a gradual decline that has allowed the Government of embark upon initiatives to curb radical tendencies,extremism & intolerance in the society through people-to-people and people-to-state initiatives. He opined that unprecedented success achieved against the scourge of terrorism became a reality due to national resilience, effective state policies and sacrifices of security / law enforcement apparatus. He, however, felt that fight against drivers of terrorism is a continuing process that requires commitment and whole of a nation approach. Interior Minister said that the battle against terrorism has been won at an enormous human and financial cost and reiterated the Government’s resolve to take all possible measures to prevent the country from going into same abyss.While, dwelling on the current regional environment, the minster felt that Indian intransigence over Kashmir has pushed her into a tight corner; now, their policy pundits are looking for a false-flag operation to divert domestic/ international attention and unify the widening cracks within the divisive society. He emphasized that the Government stands shoulder to shoulder with kashmiri brethren in this difficult time;while we support the resolution of Kashmir issue as per aspirations of Kashmiri People and UN Resolutions, we stand prepared for all eventualities, He emphasized on significance of CPEC and highlighted that the measures taken to ensure the security of projects associated with CPEC in the hinterland. He also dilated upon Indian designs to derail the projects by aggravating law and order situation in Gilgit Baltistan and Balochistan. In the end, he gave a resume on how the prevailing pandemic can be exploited by terrorist entities especially the perils of online radicalization and stressed upon the need for proactive response measures.

The speech was followed by question and answer session and vote of thanks by the president National Defense University.