(Khawaja Hamza)

Islamabad: Mushaal Hussein Mullick wife of Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik in an interview with Media Today said that in the wake of complete failure to subjugate the Kashmiri freedom movement through use of all operational tactics, the Indian Army has come with new military strategy of winning hearts and minds under operation Sadbhanvna to brainwash the Kashmir youth. Under the scheme, the brutal army claimed to have launched a number of education, health and infrastructure projects to ameliorate the condition of the local population. However, actually, the purpose of the program to keep the Kashmir youth away from the freedom struggle. Like all other cheap tactics, this wouldn’t fulfill their nefarious designs and Kashmiri youth will resist the occupied forces until materializing their dream of getting the birth right of right to self-determination.

The Indian fascist government has been using all brutal tactics for the last over 70 years ranging from employing military operations, killing innocent people, use rape as a tool of war and torture and detention but nothing could dampen their courage. So, this project would be a complete failure like other ones because neither loyalties of the Kashmiri people could by bought nor they could be convinced for anything less than resolution of the decades-old conflict as per their aspirations.

Kashmiris are well-aware of the mischievous and nefarious designs of Indian occupation forces; hence they are very watchful and cautious about their approach. They could not be entangled by Indian forces through such cheap tactics. People are of the view that Indian forces claimed to have contributed to the local economy and generating employment opportunities through this project but ground reality speaks otherwise, as they destroyed the whole infrastructure in the heaven like valley. Life have been made a hell for the locals what to talk of providing them education, health and other basic necessities of life.

As the sole purpose of the whole drama being hatched in the occupied valley is just to imbibe and inculcate into them Hindutva ideology. They have nothing to do about educating the Kashmiri youth or making them respectable and capable citizens but just to keep them away from the just struggle. If the Indian government is so sincere with Kashmir they wouldn’t be deprived them of their basic rights for the last seven decades, as their women are being victimized, youth being tortured to death. So, all these dramas are being staged to keep youth away from the right to self-determination as it is nothing with the development and uplifting of the region.

Kashmiri people have already been living a quite miserable life in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) but the abrogation of the article 370 and 35A further fanned the fire as it provides constitutional cover to further tighten the crew around Kashmiri necks. However, one thing is clear that Indian could use all tactics but they would not success to subdue the Kashmir for long and they would have to be given their right to life as per their aspirations and wishes.

The India could not make the world fool by making such a stupid claim as the world is cognizant of the Indian inhuman and anti-women policies. The Indian forces are using women rape as a weapon of war to keep silence the voices of Kashmiri freedom fighters. The parents could not let their daughters to leave their homes as the beasts like soldiers are waiting at every nook and corner of Kashmir to harass Kashmiri women. Kashmiri women are facing worst victimizing in the world right now at the hands of the occupied forces instead of taking about their empowerment.

Every army individual’s hand is red with blood of the son of Kashmiri soil and are involved in dishonoring Kashmir women so how the Kashmir could make cordial relation with such beasts. All these steps will add insult to injuries as Kashmir has already been turned into a smoldering lava which could be burst anytime to engulf the whole region.