Establishment Would Not Able To Effort Any Controversy In Coming Elections.


Khawaja Hamza

Ruling elite is divided and fragmented on various issues. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and his team wants some more time in office. While, PMLN leadership has already concluded the early elections. PDM Leadership is mostly aligned with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and want some more time for the sake of electoral reforms and Appointment of COAS etc. However, there efforts seems quickly eroding as economic and political environment is more aligned with Opposition. Meanwhile, they want to keep the pressure on Imran Khan and want to make people think over Imran Khan’s dismal performance in his recent tenure.

Imran Khan’s Narrative is fast propagating in the masses. His demand for early elections reached mass acceptance. However, will he be able to cover up his weak points like governance and economic situations in previous government. Also, his handling with military establishment is very critical.

Elections are fast approaching. If Imran Khan would able to get people realize that he will not repeat economic and governance blunders in the future; people may turn to him heavily in elections. Otherwise, PDM parties are still strong in their tradition spheres of influence.


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