Dost Muhammad Khan has said that it is more important to have regular check and control over food and drinking items in markets in order to establish a successful and healthy society.


Caretaker Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa former Justice Dost Muhammad Khan has said that it is more important to have regular check and control over food and drinking items in markets in order to establish a successful and healthy society. “The sale of sub-standard and illegal things particularly adulterated food items are highly condemnable that could not be tolerated, because these corrupt practices cause various types of dangerous diseases”. He lauded the performance of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Halal Food Authority.
He was talking to chairman Halal Food Authority Riaz Mahsood, who called on him here at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. Provincial Caretaker Ministers Zafar Iqbal Bangash and Anwarul Haq were also present on the occasion. Chairman Halal Food Authority briefed the caretaker Chief Minister about initiatives taken under his directives to ensure availability of quality and hygiene food and drinking items at tourist’s spots of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He also informed him about the overall progress of authority and check and control in local markets. The trade and commerce community also fully cooperated in the drive to take measures against adulterated food and other consumable items by the authority, he briefed.
The caretaker Chief Minister expressed his satisfaction over progress of authority and said that cooperation of trade community was also appreciable adding that all the stakeholders should have to play their active roles to stop anti social practices. He said that the system of reward and punishment was necessary to control the social crimes in the society. He further stated that environmental pollution and chemical mixing in food items have promoted bad trends in the society. While eliminating these social crimes, we can save billions of budgets that could be put in health sector. He kept on saying that regular check and control in the markets was prerequisite to healthy society. Integrated and combined efforts by relevant departments would be fruitful in this regard. The caretaker Chief Minister said we have to put the society on right path and to raise awareness level of public against self destruction.

Caretaker Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa former Justice Dost Muhammad Khan has directed for the recruitment of Secretary, officers and other auxiliary staff of the Workers Welfare Board on regular basis. He warned against any delay in transparent and merit based recruitment. He also directed to identify the responsibilities of the officials and prepare job description for each post. The department should be run transparently because it is a department for the welfare of labourers and there should be no compromise whatsoever on the functions and performance of Workers Welfare Board. He directed to extend the services of Workers Welfare Board to the newly merged seven districts of the erstwhile FATA and start registration there immediately.
He was presiding over a meeting of the workers welfare board, recruitment for the board and other functions of the workers welfare board at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. Secretary Labour Nizamuddin participated in the meeting. The Caretaker Chief Minister asked about the progress for recruitment in the Workers Welfare Board adding that the labour community worked in the most difficult circumstances, they are the hard workers and the backbone of the economy. The government should not be oblivious to the welfare of the working class. The Workers Welfare Board should be responsive to its responsibilities for the welfare of the labour community and there should be a strict accountability system in the department, he added.
Dost Muhammad Khan said that after the 18th Amendment, the Workers Welfare Board, its administrative control and its running is solely the concern of the province. This province is poor and backward on multiple fronts therefore the federal government had space for funding the Workers Welfare Board. The rest of the responsibilities will continue to be rested with the province therefore there was a dire need to have a permanent mechanism, regular employees and continuous functions for the welfare of the labourers. The regular employees could be made accountable for their performances, he added.
Caretaker Chief Minister directed to improve the rule of business, the removal of irregularities and weaknesses in the board. This board should have a dynamic team to work honestly for the welfare of the labour community. It is one of the most importance departments therefore there should be no corruption, no irregularity and no illegal activity, he added.
Former Justice Dost Muhammad Khan directed to extend the functions of the Workers welfare board to the newly merged seven districts in the province. Under the Constitution, all the laws and regulations have been extended to the seven merged districts of the province. All institutions and public entities should be functional showing dynamism in the changed landscape of the province, he concluded.


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