Deputy Speaker National Assembly raises Kashmir issue in SDGs summit and apprises the participants about the unconstitutional steps and atrocities by Indian government on Kashmiris .


Islamabad: Deputy speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan suri while addressing the 4th South Asia SDGs speakers conference being held in Male, Maldives today raised the Kashmir issue and apprised the conference about the illegal and unconstitutional steps of Indian government and atrocities being committed on innocent Kashmiri people according to a message received from Maldives.

The deputy speaker informed the conference about the illegal annexation of state of Jammu and Kashmir through unconstitutional measures by the Indian government. He apprised the participants about the inhuman attitude meted by the Indian forces with innocent Kashmiri people including children and women. He said that the entire valley had been converted in a heavily militarised zone and people were being stopped to perform their religious obligations. He said that means of communication had been disconnected aggravating the agony of the people. He urged upon the international community to raise the Kashmir issue at appropriate level and assert pressure on India for its resolution in accordance with the UN resolutions and aspiration of Kashmiri people.

The deputy speaker stressed upon the south Asian countries to support Kashmiri people for their just struggle for self determination under the auspicious of United Nations. He reiterated Pakistan’s stance for morally and diplomatically supporting Kashmiri people. He warned that the attitude of India towards Kashmir issue was putting the peace and development in South Asia at stake.

The Indian delegation led by speaker lok Sabha protested and tried to interrupt deputy speaker speech however their attempt went unheeded and deputy speaker continued his speech and victoriously apprised the conference about the worst situation in Kashmir.


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