ISLAMABAD: He pledged that he will fulfil the promise made by his mother, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, to the people of Pakistan; that of a peaceful, prosperous and progressive Pakistan for all.

Chairman PPP has said that: “PPP’s government delivered Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) in order to alleviate poverty. BISP received international accolades, which is why it continues to date despite change of governments. Along the lines of BISP, the PPP will introduce the Benazir Kissan Card”.

Chairman Bilawal Bhutto said that it is criminal how our agricultural sector is absolutely being ignored. “Small farmers, who make up for about 95% of our agricultural sector, are being exploited. Benazir Kissan Card will ensure the rights of the small farmers by introducing an insurance policy for their crops; subsidising electricity, fertiliser and pesticide; increasing the number of crops that are given support price by the government; and giving farmers rights equivalent to that of the industrial workers’ rights”.

“We will give rights to women workforce that make a large part of our agricultural sector in the rural areas. No other party has empowered women more than the PPP. We will continue to do so as we believe in equal rights for all”, added Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari.

PPP manifesto highlights the issue of the current economic situation, which is unstable, intolerable, unsustainable and exclusionary. Another important initiative being introduced by the PPP is ‘Bhook Mitaao Programme’ (Poverty Reduction Programme). “The cost of doing business in Pakistan is one of the highest in the region as the cost of energy is extremely high. The PPP’s manifesto also highlights how we need to reconsider our industrial growth by coming up with a new policy”.

Chairman PPP termed the PML-N’s foreign policy a disaster for the country. “From Salala to OBL to Mumbai attack, the PPP faced immense foreign policy challenges during its tenure, yet we managed to resolve them because the PPP believes in the strength of parliament. We discussed and decided all foreign policy issues in parliament, as that is how civilised democracies function.” He criticised the PML-N for not appointing a Foreign Minister for four years and taking important decisions in the PM House. “We will bring foreign policy back to parliament”.

Raising the slogan of “Band Karo Yeh Ihtehsaal” (stop this exploitation), PPP Chairman has given voice to the voiceless. “PPP’s main concern is human rights. We are going to criminalise enforced disappearances. We will also criminalise torture and ensure that Pakistan as a state honours the international treaties and covenants.”

PPP manifesto promises to positively engage with the world and address internal challenges. Chairman PPP said his party will not accept any form of controlled democracy.