FATA reforms have started giving relief and that is the item No. 1 in our agenda. The caretaker government has no personal agenda but it has an agenda to be impartial in the conduct of general elections 2018 in a free, fair and transparent manner therefore the protection of public interest and welfare were our priorities.
He was talking to Ameer of J.I. Senator Siraj ul Haq at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. They focused on the matters of national interest during their meeting. The Caretaker Chief Minister reaffirmed his commitment for the transparent holding of elections which he added was his basic mandate. The transparency of the whole process would be visible so that nobody could pose an accusing finger of any injustice to him or her in the elections, he added.
Regarding the caretaker cabinet, Dost Muhammad said that he was in search of honest, dedicated and apolitical personalities to be inducted into the caretaker cabinet. Regarding the FATA reforms, he added that the reforms introduced for FATA needed to be put on ground without wastage of time that would give relief to the tribals and that is also their right because they underwent constant hardships and they should not be tested any further through any hardship, he added.
Caretaker Chief Minister agreed to the proposal of tribal elders and assured to collectively bring out the whole FATA belt out of the quagmire of hardships, problems and put it on the route to progress.
Senator and Amir of J.I. Siraj ul Haq appreciated the service oriented contribution of Justice Retd Dost Muhammad and added that as a Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court, Mr. Justice Dost Muhammad set a glaring example of dedicated services. He also appreciated the criteria for the selection of caretakers by Dost Muhammad to be inducted in the provincial cabinet and assured to help out the caretakers in the implementation phase of the FATA reforms and other public welfare activities.
Meanwhile talking to the delegation of Sikh community at the Chief Minister Secretariat, the Caretaker Chief Minister assured complete freedom of religion to all minorities and added that all are equal citizens and deserve the right to be equally protected. He directed for the scientific investigation of the killing of Sikh leader Charanjeet Singh so that the assassins could be brought to justice. He also assured compensation to the heirs of the Charanjeet Singh on the pattern of Shuhada package. He also assured to resolve their problems that included construction of Shamshan Gaat, a dispensary in Gurdwara, school and other problems.