Caretaker Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Justice (R) Dost Muhammad Khan presided over a meeting to review progress on endowment fund for the admission and support of merit based students in higher education in different universities.


Caretaker Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Justice (R) Dost Muhammad Khan presided over a meeting to review progress on endowment fund for the admission and support of merit based students in higher education in different universities. The meeting took place in the Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar approved 10% rise in the endowment fund. The meeting was also attended by Caretaker Minister Finance Abdul Rauf Khattak, administrative secretaries Higher education, Finance, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister and others.
Addressing the meeting Caretaker Chief Minister directed to cut down the unnecessary non developmental expenditure drastically and the expenditure incurred thus should be diverted to the promotion of education, efficient health delivery and productive sectors of the province. We should spend on human resource development and encourage our youth to the productive sectors in order to promote the culture of self generating resource in the open market. He had cut down the Chief Minister Secretariat’s expenditure by 90%, setting an example before others departments to follow, he added. The resources which kept on going waste should be spent on the deserving poor getting higher education on merit. He said the efficient utilization of resources and initial investment in the research would set the ball rolling for future development. The endowment fund and the accessibility to the fund by the poor on merit should be visible that will go a long way in promoting both discovery research and digitalized research and that would earn billions. This would accelerate the pace of development; the efficient youth will also earn and in return will bring overall prosperity for the society, he added.
Dost Muhammad Khan said we have to tap and exploit all out resources to enhance our resource generation base as at the moment there was a tremendous pressure on our existing resource base. We have to encourage the youth to productive and self resource generating process and enhance our dependence on the promotion of private sector for more jobs. He said that this province needed to expand its resource generation gap through tax collection. The department should encourage the tax collection and filter all steps obstructing the revenue generation process.
He said that population explosion is a major threat to the Pakistani society therefore the Ulema and opinion leaders should come forward and play an effective role for the family planning.
Mr. Dost Muhammad Khan directed to bring amendment to certain sections of the endowment fund act in order to clear the ambiguity so that the endowment fund process runs smoothly. We can progress through research based education as we are far below the average. We need to mainstream the poor intelligent youth, creates space for them in education and other sectors and discourage the usurpation of rights of the poor. The scholarship would encourage the students to concentrate on their studies.

Caretaker Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Justice (R) Dost Muhammad Khan agreed to the recommendations for the establishment of research and development wing in all the intermediate and secondary boards throughout the province. He further agreed to the framing of new rules for the posting of board officers and setting up of a committee comprising Vice Chancellors and Academia to monitor the performance of boards and proper auditing of all boards throughout the province.
He was talking to provincial caretaker Minister for Education Sarah Safdar at a meeting here today. Caretaker Chief Minister said that it is necessary to make the affairs of the board transparent. The research and development wing will conduct research on examinations, quality of papers and making standardization. The research wing will suggest transparency at all levels of governance and delivery in the boards. The new chairman board will have certain qualification to be the combination of both administrative experience and educational qualification.
Dost Muhammad Khan suggested that there should be monitoring and evaluation authority to check the efficiency and functions of the board. The authority should comprise academia and the board should have necessary rules and regulations for the employees. The boards should be run without the influence of all sort of interference. Under the new rules no teacher and professor will conduct two examinations as a superintendent.
Caretaker Chief Minister directed the education Minister to take actions against the unfair-means and also take action against the officers and the official involved in the unfair-means under E&D rules. He also asked to conduct an inquiry against the schools, doubted to have obtained higher performance in the examinations. The new rules should bring transparency in the posting of officers of the board. The board performance would be checked by the committee comprising vice chancellor and academia.
Dost Muhammad Khan termed the recommendations as an asset for the coming generation which would be given to the coming government as recommendations for bringing improvement in the functions of boards. He said that the teachers should concentrate on the character building of the students. The teachers should prove themselves as a role model and added that the students should be awarded and appreciated for their better performance that would motivate other students towards their education. The educational institution should have their own canteen providing hygienic food, he added.


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