Caretaker Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Justice (R) Dost Muhammad Khan formed a seven member joint investigation team to investigate the Bannu remote controlled bomb blast and asked the investigation team to move immediately to Bannu to discover the actual motives and nab the criminals as soon as possible. The terrorists and criminals would not escape punishment. They should be brought to justice, he directed.
He was presiding over a hurriedly convened emergency meeting of the provincial caretaker cabinet at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. Members of the provincial cabinet attended. He directed against anything obstructing the security routinization anywhere throughout the province. He condemned the bomb attack on the convoy of former Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Akram Khan Durrani. The cabinet prayed for the departed soul and early recovery of injured. Mr. Justice ® Dost Muhammad Khan directed against any delay in the investigation in order to unearth criminals and the enemies of the state and people. Directing the Secretary Health and DG Health for providing all healthcare facilities, ambulances and taking all necessary steps, the Caretaker Chief Minister directed for immediate steps to complete the burn centre Peshawar in order to provide efficient healthcare to the injured of terrorism and bomb blasts.
The cabinet reviewed the pace of progress and the stage of implementation of the decisions of the caretaker previous cabinet meeting. The meeting discussed, evaluated and examined the information gathered about the Peshawar suicide attack, the Bannu bomb blast, the level of threat alert and decided to sensitize the relevant quarters to both their allocative and dedicated responsibilities for enhanced security in the changing environment.
Caretaker Chief Minister directed to be watchful about the sensitive areas and make matching arrangements for the polling stations in those areas. The security to the political leadership and candidates including their rallies, gatherings and corner meetings should be enhanced. The caretaker set up, he directed wanted to give an even playing field to all and that he added was prerequisite for the impartiality of the caretaker set up, its administration and more importantly is a prerequisite for the peaceful, impartial and free conduction of elections in the province. He also directed to be in contact with the political leaderships and the contesting candidates for securing their routes and places of meetings and gatherings.
Justice ® Dost Muhammad Khan stressed for advance intelligence gathering from the organizers of public gatherings and rallies in order to arrange the requisite level of security and secure the places. However, he wished to formally request the political leaderships to decide on their own not to conduct more than one engagement in view of the growing security concerns. The holding of more meetings means the thinning out of security resources that could weaken the overall security shield. He directed to put on ground the SOP for elections in letter and spirit urging both the political leadership and the administration to be responsive to the call of action to the security related responsibilities. Being responsible is more important when we have multiple security challenges therefore we could not afford creating any space for the trigger happy elements to exploit the situation, create fear and frighten the people into submission.
Caretaker Chief Minister sensitized the police to be fully watchful in the given situation when the enemy was out there to exploit the situation causing loss of precious human lives. The SHOs should be aware of the all doubtful elements in their areas. The cabinet was briefed about the investigation of the Yakatoot bomb blast. The caretaker Chief Minister directed to immediately complete the geo fencing of both the Yakatoot Peshawar suicide attack and Bannu bomb blast. He stressed the need to further enhance coordination amongst the intelligence gatherings outfits adding that efficient intelligent gatherings could foil the nefarious designs of terrorists. Enhanced security is a national concern and therefore there should be no lethargic attitude otherwise such laxity and lethargy could lead to national catastrophes. We could not compromise the state security and the security of the people.
Mr. Justice Retd Dost Muhammad Khan said that establishing peace is the ultimate goal. The peaceful conduct is a national obligation and the caretaker set up would never allow any obstruction that he added was very much necessary for the impartiality of the caretaker government. He said that power should never be exercised at whims nor should be for personal motives. The professional use of powers for the public welfare is the essence of professionalism. He directed for the geo-fencing and discovering different dimensions of both the incidents, directing to intercept the communications used in the terrorism related incidents that would not only give clues to bring the perpetrators to justice but would also identify the level of threat. Once we know the level of threats, we would be in a better position for security related measures. Such communications would also expose the abnormal activities adding that investigation from multidimensional directions would identify the factors behind the terrorism and the motives the terrorists wanted to achieve. However, these investigations could be used to avert the danger of such terrorist acts in future.
Caretaker Chief Minister said that the provision of resources for equipping the law enforcing agencies and giving them force multipliers should never be a problem when faced with abnormal security situation. He stressed for effective monitoring and surveillance adding that the law for the land-owners should be fully implemented. He has given some tips for modern investigation that could lead to better security in the province, he added. He said that on his insistence the federal government agreed to the repatriation of 86 platoons of Frontier Constabulary that constitute 3338 security personnel. Another 500 trained police Jawans of AJK police ordered by the federal caretaker interior minister would boost the security situation in the province. The caretaker provincial set up was committed to the provision of enhanced security to the political leadership and the contesting candidates. The repatriated Frontier Constabulary and the additional police force of AJK would be deployed in the sensitive areas throughout the province. However, he called upon the law enforcing agencies to bring the handlers and facilitators of terrorists in order to uproot terrorism and bring the terrorists to justice, he concluded.


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