He underlined the need for a policy linking all foreign hirings to transfer of technology to the country . He wished well directed efforts to enhance the capacity of productive sectors in order to save foreign exchange and further improve it . He revealed that a decision in this regard would be taken in upcoming caretaker cabinet meeting. “We have a short time and limited mandate, however, we can provide guidelines to the coming political government in this regard”, he added.
A meeting held here at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar was attended by Caretaker Provincial Ministers Abdur Rauf Khan Khattak, Zafar Iqbal Bangash and Dr. Sara Safdar and administrative secretaries of concerned departments.Details of Asian Development Bank’s loans in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, lists of loan agreements and various projects such as access to clean energy program, bus rapid transit and provincial roads rehabilitation were discussed in length in the meeting. Dost Muhammad Khan has directed that all the ongoing projects including bus rapid transit Peshawar should be completed in time. He further directed that durable components should be purchased for the energy sector through open competition of bidding while in actual work of the projects; priority should be given to capable local professionals.
In the backdrop of price hike, he directed to form a survey team comprising highly professionals and experts in order to balance the market demand and supply which will help to bring down the prices of various commodities of daily use for the welfare of the people. He also directed to conduct a survey of cultivable and under cultivation land of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa so that the cultivable lands can be used for the agricultural purpose.
The Caretaker Chief Minister was also briefed about the latest progress of under construction Peshawar bus rapid transit project. He ordered that cleanliness should be ensured on the project sites where the work was completed and roads should be kept open for vehicular traffic.


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