Caretaker Chief Minister Dost Muhammad Khan has said that civil service is the key administrative structure for efficient delivery in any state.


Caretaker Chief Minister Dost Muhammad Khan has said that civil service is the key administrative structure for efficient delivery in any state. The role of the officers in the development, peace and prosperity of any country could not be overstated.
He was talking to the Trainee CSS Officers at CM House Peshawar. He said that the country had a multi faceted challenges, the efficient delivery to the people, the elimination of corruption and the efficient performance are some of the challenges the new officers have to prepare themselves for. He advised them for dedicated and devoted delivery to spur the societal degradation. He said that the root causes of the present mess in the society are the delayed justice and the injustices, the inaccessibility to services, the absence of justice and the overall state of deprivation of the poor. He wished the new officers to contribute to the institution building to install a just and deliverable system that would certainly lower down the level of challenges the society as whole is faced with.
He hoped the new officers would prepare themselves for the future challenges. They have to provide maximum relief to the masses denied to them constantly by the flawed system of governance. He also talked about the rapid decline of the superior services that he attributed to the wrong culture promoted constantly by successive governments that included promoting corruption, irregularities, safarish and other bad things. The young officers have to rise to the occasion get the required level of training, interact with the people, study the values of the society and study the culture and sub culture of the people. Equipped with background knowledge, they will certainly succeed in delivering the required level of delivery to the people who suffered because of the bad governance. They have to focus on their capacity building and identify the reasons behind the social evils, the weaknesses in the system of delivery and devote themselves to resolve them and to be committed to the cause of the people.
He shared with the young officers his experience of governance in the province adding that he had a limited mandate under the constitution. Simultaneously he was aware of the internal and external enemies posing threat to the security therefore he redesigned the entire security paradigm, made deployment and redeployment of forces and gained reinforcement provided by the federal government that included 68 FC platoon and 500 highly trained police personnel from AJK that made invincible the overall security shield around the political leadership, their activities and the overall election process. These are the factors that led to the historically peaceful and successful election in the province.


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