Balochistan Govt determined to resolve people’s problems through good governance.


QUETTA: Chief Minister of Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan said that the issues of the people could only be solved through good governance and institutional capacity building. Once the institutions of the state got efficient and strength, then expectations of change can be attached to the system.

The incumbent government running under CM Jam Kamal and its coalition determined to resolve public issue and its will only be possible when all the department and institution work that efficiently.

He said that people have too many expectations from the government, and we will work according to the expectations of the people. Rather in 100 days of government, steps have been taken to bring improvement in system. The result of these steps would become visible before people in near future.
The Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) with collaboration of its Coalition would prove their government the real representative of the people of Balochistan through practical measures. All the decisions in the government of Jamal kamal are being taken on the grounds of mutual trust and full understanding with coalition partners.

The government of Balochistan, under the leadership of Jam kamal, has so far taken many decisions particularly regarding good governance and institutional capacity building.

Governance, transparency, accountability and confidence building is included in the preference of the government.
In four conferences arranged by the government of Balochistan, important decisions were taken and instructions were given to respective departments to ensure implementation and proper monitoring of those particular decisions.

While the Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners were handed over the supervision of all developmental projects including hospitals, school and provision of drinking water.

In these conferences, reforms have been bought in Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC). The numbers of the members have been increased to 12 including two female members.

The member would be the retired government officials of grade 20. 5o% of the members would comprise retired bureaucrats and judges while other remaining 50% would be chosen from other areas of particular specializations.
Likewise, for the selection of Chairman and members a selection board would be formed under the leadership of Chief Secretary of Balochistan.

The Chief Secretary would nominate three people for each vacancy and dispatch their names to Chief Minister. The CM would select the name of one among them.

Likewise, many other important decisions were taken in these four conferences, including the establishment of Balochistan Bank, recruitment on vacant posts and completion of uncompleted projects


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