Aviation relations between Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Indonesia can be made stronger: Ghulam Sarwar Khan.


ISLAMABAD: Aviation relations between Pakistan and Indonesia can be made stronger. This was said by Federal Minister for Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan during a meeting with Indonesian Ambassador, Iwan Suyudhie Amri .

Ambassador was of the point of view that private airline ,Lion Air is jnterested in starting flights from Lahore,Karachi or Islamabad to Jakarta on daily basis.He was of the view that nearly 2 thousand over seas Pakistani reside in Indonesia. Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Federal Minister for Aviation added that there is a dire need of more flight operation between 2 countries.

Air Services Agreement between Pakistan and Indonesia was signed on January 14, 1966. The ASA stipulates multiple airline designation. PIA is the designated carrier of Pakistan while Garuda Indonesia is the designated carrier of Indonesia.PIA also has some intermediate points while going to Jakarta,including India-Colombo-Rangoon-Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur-Saigon-Singapore.Similarly Garuda Indonesia has so.e intermediate points while coming to Karachi,including Singapore-Phnom-Penh or Bangkok-Colombo or Bombay.And from Karachi the Indonesian airline also has some points beyond including Cairo or Beirut-Algiers-Rome-Paris-Amsterdam-London.

Flight operation between Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan shall be started. This was said by Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Federal Minister for Aviation during his meeting with Eric Beishemhiev , Krgyzstan’s Ambassador on Wednesday in Aviation Division.Federal Minister also added that Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan are brotherly countries. Our relations are warm and cordial based on trust and respect. Similarly, Eric Beishemhiev said that Krgyzstan is keen on enhancing ties with Pakistan.Ambassador was of the view that both countries should start a weekly flight.Fedeal Minister added that Aviation Division will consider this request of Indonesia under 5th Right of Freedom.It is important to note that Air Services Agreement between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan was concluded on October 14, 1993. The ASA stipulates multiple airlines designation.


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