Asad Umar Arrived in Turbat on the Second Day of his Visit to Southern Districts of Balochistan.


The Minister was given an Ariel view of Turbat, Mandh, Buleda and the command area of Mirani Dam. He was briefed on the existing road connectivity as well as further requirements in this regard.
The Minister held a meeting with public representatives, activists and members of civil society, where he was apprised about the issues faced by the residents of the area. Various speakers highlighted the need for improvement of road and electricity infrastructure; provision of internet connectivity: setting up of fruit/ date processing units; and improvement of sports facilities.

Minister said that it was Prime Minister’s vision to develop the most underdeveloped regions and bring them at par with relatively more developed regions. He said that Prime Minister has directed for a special development of southern districts of Balochistan and this visit was precisely for this purpose.

The Minister also held a meeting with Provincial Finance Minister, Members of Provincial Assembly and senior officials of Government of Balochistan. He said that the Federal and Provincial authorities will closely work together to finalise the development programme for southern districts, at the earliest. He said that Federal Government component of the program will be finalised and implemented on a fast track basis.


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