Afridi says synthetic drugs biggest threat for our youth. 


PESHAWAR – Minister for Narcotics Control Shehryar Khan Afridi Thursday said that synthetic drugs are the biggest threat for our younger generations and the government is working on new legislation to give severe punishment to drug mafia involved in illicit business of synthetic drugs. 

Addressing the participants  of Drugs Burning Ceremony held here, Shehryar Khan Afridi said that Pakistan played role of first line of defence to save the world from drugs menace and the ANF jawans offered unmatched sacrifices. 

“The world recognises our sacrifices and UNODC reports are witness to the fact. 

Criminal justice system 

Synthetic drugs need to be tackled 

Rehabilitation centres need to be established in across the country. Unfortunately, the previous governments did not take any step to improve rehabilitation centres so as the drug affected people could be transformed into productive citizens,” he said. 

The minister said there is a need to spread awareness on synthetic drugs as people have no knowledge about these drugs. 

“We are working on new legislation to ensure strict action against synthetic drugs. We will take strict action against drug mafia whether they have taken shelter in any department, any political party or any section of affluent society. 

Pakistan has developed a data bank of criminals involved in drug trafficking or money laundering,” the minister said. 

He said Pakistan is now leading the world in war against drugs and ANF performance is witness to this fact. 

“Pakistan is now leading the world and the world is now realizing this fact. Pakistan is blessed as it is the only of few countries who have over 65 percent of its population as its youth”.

Calling upon the academia and educationists to play their role in awareness on synthetic drugs, Shehryar Afridi said university and academia need to take a lead to spread awareness among youth so as we could save our youth from this menace. 

“We are fighting a war on drug peddlers and we will make them an example and nobody can buy us as we are fighting for the future of our younger generations. 

Only mothers can understand the pain and agony of those mothers whose sons and daughters have become a victim of drugs”. Afridi said his ministry was also launching a mobile phone application to spread awareness on drugs. 

“State of Pakistan would take care of drug affected patients and would provide rehab to them to make them productive citizens. 

Let’s not hate the drug affected .. let’s hate the drug traffickers and let’s unite against this drug mafia. Let’s join hands to make the drug peddlers horrible example so as no one ever dare to get involved in drugs business,” he concluded. 

Students from various institutions took part in painting contest while students also presented a skit on bad impact of drugs. 

Briefing the minister on ANF ANF Peshawar performance, ANF Regional Director Brig Mateen Ahmed Mirza have an overview of Narcotics actions this year. He said Narcotics over 16 tonnes were burnt. ANF Peshawar registered 344 cases this year and execution rate was 98 percent. ANF also confiscated assets worth 52.677 million. 


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